The pain of cancer is severe, I can not sleep.. The last statements of the late director Ali Abdel Khaleq

He passed away, today, Friday, the great director Ali Abdul KhaleqAfter a struggle with cancer, at the age of 78, he left a great legacy of immortal cinematic works engraved in our conscience, most notably "The Egg and the Stone", "The Sixth Threshold", "Running the Monsters", "The Well of Betrayal" and "Death Execution". ', 'shame', 'quality', and others.

The body of the late director, Ali Abdel-Khaleq, will be buried tomorrow, Saturday, from the Sayeda Nafisa Mosque, after the noon prayer, and his body will be buried in the family cemetery in the Sixth of October City.

The great director Ali Abdel Khaleq suffered before his departure from the pain of cancer, and expressed his pain, saying in a statement to "The Seventh Day": "I discovered that I had cancer in my hand and shoulder, and I feel very severe pain, I cannot sleep from it."

Director Ali Abdel-Khaleq presented his first feature film in 1972, entitled (Song on the Corridor), about the play of the same name by the writer (Ali Salem). Film. During the eighties, he formed a duet with the author (Mahmoud Abu Zaid) in several successful cinematic films such as: (Shame) 1982, (Kif) 1985, (Running the Monsters) 1987, (The Egg and the Stone) 1990. Beginning in the nineties, the number of films he directed decreased. Abdel-Khaleq went to television drama in the early 2000s, and presented several series, including: (Najma al-Jamahir) 2003, (The Second Gate) 2009.