The place are you Sister Seto! Putri Candrawati was not held due to the fact of the little one when her mom in Aceh was held with 3 twins

Jakarta - The audience is animated by linked conversations Princess Candrawathia person of the suspects in the murder situation Brigadier J which not detained because of to the reality that they however have a smaller baby and Putri's wellness condition is not yet secure.

However, the audience compared her to the figure of a mother who was in Aceh. It can be nonetheless thrown in jail getting his 3 twins who are stationary now.

Mom of 3 twins in prison

A person of the social media accounts Instagram also uploaded a brief online video clip showcasing a mother who had been imprisoned collectively 3 little ones who is still a little one.

"Mafira, a mother who has triplets, was compelled to acquire her little one with her to dwell in the Detention Middle of the President Director of Aceh. 23 times have handed due to the fact these 3 twins… ”said the narration in the online video clip. Quoted from @lamputerangofficial on Friday (2/9/2022)

Screenshot of the uploaded account @ Lamputerangofficial.