The rebirth of Louise Jacquemin: "I thought I would leave the hospital in a wheelchair"

She therefore discovered the peloton at the age of 27. It is found in particular on the Samyn des Dames. His season is off to a good start, until this weekend in April. Louise can no longer feel her legs, the pain is intense, she decides to go to the emergency room: "Hospitalization, nobody saw it coming. We still don't know why I had this inflammation of the spinal cord. I'm in the peloton on a Saturday and three days later I find myself lying in a bed hospital without being able to move his feet. So there, I had morally prepared myself to leave the hospital in a wheelchair By telling me ; it doesn't matter, Louise. You will go to the Belgian Paralympic team, that will do it. You will continue to drive, but otherwise. "

But Louise does not give up. Once taken care of at the hospital, she struggles to regain the use of her legs: “I started physio, I thought he was going. It was going to do to recover some mobility. So I fought every day for twelve days in the hospital. We had to relearn how to walk, relearn how to ride a bike, to push miserably 50 watts being at the end of my life. And then when I left the hospital, I left the hospital on my feet, so that alone was already a victory, so it boosts morale despite the complexity of the disease.