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The Ogan Komering Ilir Regency Authorities (OKI) has imposed sanctions on the former head of the protocol subsection of Damsir Khalik and his subordinate, Winda, since It has a romance. Damsir's spouse, Brigadier Suci Darma, reported she was disappointed by the OKI Regency govt sanctions towards Damsir and his mistress.

"Dissatisfied. Effeminate penalty," Suci stated as noted by seconds North Sumatra in response to the determination on sanctions introduced by the government of the regency of the OIC, Saturday (9/3/2022).

Damsir was banned from services for a yr. He was also transferred to the Sungai Menang sub-district workplace as standard staff members. Meanwhile, the female who was having an affair with Damsir, Winda, was demoted and transferred to a hospital concierge (RS) in the Lemembu sub-district.


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Suci assessed that the OIC Regency government's punishment for the two ASNs having a romance was unfair and unstoppable. She strongly would like her husband to be fired for what he did Other.

In accordance to him, the federal government of the OIC Regency looks to aid ASNs for adultery since it does not deliver for punishments that can be an illustration for other ASNs.

"Tomorrow (ASN) all those who want to dedicate adultery, order that they be put in that district, that's secure. If not, create a place there, make it a position for adultery," Suci claimed.

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