the study worries, what are the risks?

The covid now keeps the world in check. However, a recent study reported that the virus damages brain function. Let's see all the details of this research together.

The story of covid it is by no means over. With its variants it still keeps the world apprehensive. A situation that, given the summer numbers, continues to worry very deeply. Concern that increases following a study conducted by some scholars of theUniversity of Oxford.

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The research goes on and touches various sectors. Of course, the results may attract particular attention. This time, the study by some researchers appeared on Lancet. They have put the information of over a million patients under the magnifying glass. The result is alarming to say the least.

Such research would have brought to light brain problems for covid-positive subjects. Problems both under the profile neurological be under that psychological. Research has shown that even after a couple of years you could develop a high risk of psychosis, dementia e brain fog.

Over time, there are many possible researches and evolutions of this virus. A few weeks ago, some patients highlighted two symptoms even after covid healing. This time, however, it is science that speaks. Let's look at a study that many have called alarming.

Does Covid Cause Brain Damage? What the study says

The study conducted by some Oxford researchers found that among adults there was an incidence of brain fog after two years in 640 patients out of 10,000. While among children the numbers are lower. There have been 260 reported cases of seizures out of 10,000.

The patients most at risk would be the elderly who have undergone hospitalization. The study showed that the subjects over 65 years there have been so many cases of brain problems. As for the brain fog it was highlighted in 1540 cases out of 10,000. For dementia we speak of 450 out of 10,000 while for psychosis 85 cases out of 10,000 have been detected.

Patients aged between 18 and 64 hospitalized for Covid there have been more problems with regards to brain fog. The reported percentage is 16% more than those who were hospitalized for other respiratory problems.

The study has certainly brought to light very worrying data. In the past, however, there have been several publications that have highlighted the virus and the emergence of neurological problems. This is demonstrated by the fact that covid is a virus that affects not only the lungs and heart.

The information in this article is for informational purposes only. The reported data appeared in trade journals. This information must in no way take the place of diagnosis and a treatment plan. And they shouldn't replace advice from a specialist.

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