This magical series has just arrived on Netflix and you can watch it in less than 4 hours

You really don't have much time to devote to series and you like intrigues mixing magic and love? This new Netflix series is for you.

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The weekend should be more than enough for you to devour the new series unveiled by Netflix this Friday, September 2, Just an ordinary girl. This one only lasts 3h37 spread over six episodes. This new Spanish program, created by Estíbaliz Burgaleta, has all assets to seduce teenagers. In addition to its very short format, it deals with themes whose success has never been denied with young peoplemagic and love. "When it's rumored at school that she inherited her grandmother's magical powers, Amaia's life in her new town takes an interesting turn", summarizes Netflix on its website. The platform has ranked Just an ordinary girl among his "comedy series". And for good reason, in the trailer, we can see in particular Amaia (Delia Brufau) fall on a bicycle.

The magic of love

"Are you Petra's granddaughter?", throw his friends. Before adding: “People came from afar to get her to draw their cards. You may have inherited your grandmother's powers." Powers that will be very useful to them for get hold of "love spells". Each kiss between his comrades linked to his practice is therefore a success and arouses strong reactions at recess. Amaia will use these spells for her friends, but also to conquer her darling, Asier. "Seven pins will penetrate your heart, let me be the only one in your thoughts", launches the young Barcelonan in the trailer for the teen series. But that doesn't always work. From this failure, then arise questions about herself, about her identity. "I am not my grandmother. Who am I?", wonders this "ordinary girl". The story of a young woman to conquer her personality, her own destiny. So many messages that get through in less than four hours.

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The interpreter of Amaia, Dèlia Brufau, is 23 years old

In the middle of the new school year, this Netflix series arrives at the perfect time to be a hit. It also allows the public to find the endearing Dèlia Brufau. The one who plays a teenager is already 23 years old in real life. The actress is not at her first attempt. In 2019, the young Spaniard starred in Girls of the rink. This series told the story of a female roller hockey team on and off the field. In addition to this new series on Netflix, it is also announced in the casting of the comedy-drama by Nely Reguera, the volunteerwhose release date has not yet been revealed.

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