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I often get the question whether it is worth bargaining for the selected car. My answer is yes, it's worth it, but it might not work. But why? comes the question. Well, there are many good answers to this. And no two deals are the same, so let's deal with the general average, not the rare exceptions.

Quick foot for beginners

The prices often end at 90,000, 99,000 or 49,000. We can typically negotiate these amounts for individuals. This is the reztli, that is, the rest. There is also a good chance of saving on cars sold in dealerships, but this is not legal. As a beginner, you can definitely try to negotiate this down from the price of the advertised car, this is not worth a slap in the face to the seller. But don't take his release as automatic. We'll talk about why below.

The dealer has a good price

I explained in a previous article that the trader is not stupid. At least he knows what he's selling and prices it well. Most of them are aware of the quality of their car. That's why they know where to shoot the price. These evenings, if you want to be tough and offer five hundred thousand less than a 2-3 million car, you might be sent out the gate with a gentle half-smile. In the better places. The less good ones are laughed at. But I've also seen haggling that turned into loud shouting.

The margin

Assume that the trader does not:

  • winding clock
  • cheats VAT
  • resurrects wreckage
  • changes its companies annually for the purpose of tax optimization

In these cases, you start at a big disadvantage against fraudsters. So it is certain that there is not much room for movement in a car. In the case of a more serious deal, you will lose your profit and even undertake a warranty as required by law. It's not very practical, because non-profit businesses sell cars. Of course, the cheating, bum, clock-winding kind are a different story, but I've already written enough about them. And I will.

Photo: Sándor H. Szabó/MTI

Photo: Sándor H. Szabó/MTI

The market is getting narrower

There are fewer and fewer cars for sale, both at home and abroad. Everyone sees inflation, I don't need to discuss that. The prices of used cars also increase on a weekly basis - that's why it's harder to bargain these days. A short story about it. A particularly meticulous prospective buyer, informed on internet forums, asked me for an inspection. The car was in excellent condition, the test lap went well.

My next job was in the same dealership, on behalf of another client. I finished with that car as well, my previous client and the dealer were still wondering why the previous owner sold the car and what he could have used it for? Hmm... The seller answered the questions with the calmness of a Buddhist monk. When handing over the keys, he even whispered that he hoped our man wouldn't buy the car. Because then he deletes the ad, waits for the weekend, and puts it up next week for two hundred more. He was unlucky, he bought it.

Prius+ 2012-54

Electric car, naturally aspirated petrol or hybrid? The hits of the market, you never know when someone will knock on your chosen car. You just have to be quick, there's really no room for cramming right now. In many cases, it is not just Nepper's nonsense that there are two other people interested in the car. And it is very difficult to bargain with several people behind you, money in hand.

My friend Marci Balló can say that there are cars that don't even roll off the trailer, but they already have an owner. He announces to the Toyota group that he is arriving, e.g. a well-maintained Avensis with few kilometers, and the cash register is already ringing that half a million deposits have been transferred. The image uploader has not yet uploaded the last image. This is not necessarily the market environment that favors long bargaining.

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The math

There are similar cases on a weekly basis. You ask me to inspect a car. I'll inspect it, you'll get the report, I'll tell you on the phone what an excellent car you've found for the first time - buy it! The dealer will call in two days so I'm not sorry for bothering you, but do I know anything about the customer because he disappeared in the middle of the consultation. And here comes another potential buyer. In such cases, I am also surprised. Then you call me to check another car, because the dealer didn't let me pay fifty/hundred. It's true, I already have more than one person, especially if the next chosen one is not suitable. And as a result of inflation, used car prices also rose a bit. It's worth haggling.

Photo: Sándor H. Szabó/MTI

Photo: Sándor H. Szabó/MTI

One more important point. If the dealer sees that he can only bring a car from abroad for as much as he is selling the current one for, then how negotiable will the price be?

Summa summarum. Make smart and quick decisions. Put your pride aside, this isn't a duel, you don't have to beat your galad nepper, you want to buy a car. Don't make a vanity question out of the matter, if you find a good car, buy it!

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