Update on Mas Bechi's Case, Son of Kiai Jombang: Witness Reveals Different Story, Accusations of Obscenity Begin to Fall

SURYAMALANG.COM - Check out the update on the case of Mas Bechi aka Moch Subchi Azal Tzani, the son of the Jombang kiai who became a suspect in the sexual abuse of Satriwati.

In the latest trial in the case of the son of a Jombang kiai, it was discovered that a witness told a different story from the previous witness, which led to the fall of Mas Bechi's accusations of sexual abuse.

A witness in the alleged rape of a female student at a boarding school in the Ploso area, Jombang, with the defendant Mas Bechi (41) completed being examined by the panel of judges in the 7th follow-up trial, at the Surabaya District Court Office, Friday (19/8/2022) night.

The third-order witness who was examined for 6.5 hours from 13.00 WIB to 19.30 WIB in the Garuda 1 Courtroom, is the witness referred to in the Criminal Code as witness testimony de auditu.

Mas Bechi attended the trial at the Surabaya District Court Office, Friday (19/8/2022) night (surya.co.id/Luhur Pambudi)

Namely, a witness who obtains information about a violation of the law, comes from the narrative of another witness, or the victim he has heard.

However, in the context of the accused case, Mas Bechi. This 3rd order witness, got a rape story experienced by victims from other people, or not from direct victims.

"That in the Criminal Code actually has no value. Although there are rules regarding witness alibis, in the Constitutional Court's decision, this does not meet the requirements," said the defendant's legal advisor, I Gede Pasek Suardika, in the hallway of the Surabaya District Court Office, Friday (19/19). /8/2022) night.

  • Confessions of Witness-3 and Witness-1 Are Different

Surprisingly, said I Gede, the third witness told a story before the panel of judges, which was essentially different from the confession of the story from the victim or the first witness.

In the context of the case. 1st Witness; victim, who was examined at the trial on Monday (15/8/2022) yesterday. The first witness, admitted that she was raped by the defendant on the terrace of a hut, in an interview session that lasted for several hours, from night to morning.

In fact, the testimony of the 3rd witness, in the moment of the interview which was attended by the 1st witness or the victim on the terrace of the hut, was also followed by the 3rd witness. Because the 1st and 3rd witnesses were in the same group interview session on the day of the alleged incident.