[Video Game Crazy]Games such as Mobile Weekly "GRAND CROSS W", "Superpower Development" and "Warring States War M" - Bahamut

Bahamut Game Madness introduces a total of 10 mobile games this week, including the turn-based tactical strategy gameWarhammer 40K: Tacticus Warhammer 40,000 Tacticus, Cairo Games' new titlePocket Academy Story 3", near-future antiquities restoration love management game "Starry Echoa love-filled puzzle gameLove You To Bits+", an easy-to-grow placement game "Cultivation of superpowers", the Russian team to create a visual novel game "love, money, rock music Love, Money, Rock'n'Roll", a business simulation game that brings you back to your youth "Opening! "Old Time Shopping Street", the new SEGA authorized card RPG "Sengoku War M", the command RPG mobile game "Wilderness Fantasy" and Netmarble's new real-time strategy work "GRAND CROSS W》 and other mobile game introduction.

The Mobile Game Weekly will premiere on YouTube every Saturday at 8:00 pm. Players are welcome to lock in the first broadcast of the show on time, and chat with other players online!