Video: Woman called 911 because she was trapped in an exercise machine

A woman in Ohio, United States, went through a particular and unusual situation that put her in trouble after being trapped headfirst in an exercise machine while doing her routine.

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The fact was recorded going viral on some social networks, such as on one of the TikTok accounts, where the woman named Christine Faulds detailed her experience after being trapped in an inversion table at the least expected moment.

Apparently it all happened when she was working out in the gym around three in the morning; However, from one moment to another she was trapped in the machine, apparently there was only one person lifting weights in the place.

Although the woman tried to raise her body while calling the other person who was in the gym, he could not help her because he was in another room, so he could not hear her.

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After not knowing what to do, the woman remained calm and through her smart watch she decided to call 911 to be helped, in one of the videos you can see how two police officers arrive and help Faulds to rejoin. The rescue was easy for the officers, who only had to turn the inversion table 180 degrees to free Faulds.