A very beautiful girl sleeps with 10 men at once on the bed and with her husband's approval.. and what happened after that was not taken into account!!

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Pro-regime Facebook pages reported that a woman in Homs governorate had entrapped dozens of men with her husband's knowledge, and blackmailed them into paying very large sums.

Her Majesty's page published that a beautiful woman from Homs, in her thirties, met many men through Facebook, and claimed that she was divorced, her family had expelled her from the house and needed help.

The sources added that the woman met with most of the men she contacted, knowing that some of them are over sixty years old, and she usually brings her sister with her to photograph her with the man she is sitting with, with the aim of blackmailing him later.

According to the source, the woman used to ask the men to take pictures of them while they were naked, and later threatens them to tell their relatives and expose them, which forces them to pay the amounts she asks, so she took 45 million Syrian pounds from one of them, and forced another to pay 50 million.

The sources indicated that some of the woman's victims eventually told a lawyer, who tracked the woman and eventually signed her, to find out that she was married, and defrauded with the knowledge of her husband, while many of her victims did not dare to talk about what they had been exposed to in order to avoid the scandal.

The areas under the control of the Assad regime are witnessing a wide spread of fraud and fraud, especially by women, in light of the moral decay that these areas are witnessing, with the encouragement of the regime.