Almacentro, wellness ecosystem in the heart of Medellin

On its 40th anniversary, with renovated facilities and a new image, Almacentro consolidates itself as a nearby space for health and well-being.

The offer in well-being and health that can be found in Almacentro, shows a vocation defined and built over the last few years, the result of a strategic planning exercise that is summarized in a new slogan: Almacentro, wellness ecosystem.

Thanks to this vision, taking advantage of advantages such as its privileged location, Almacentro today hosts various health service operators and comprehensive wellness offers that promote healthy lifestyles, from food, body and mind.

The renewed atmosphere of integral well-being in Almacentro is experienced in its facilities and in its new image.

This approach also touches on its commitment to the planet and its sustainability. Almacentro installed solar panels on its roofs in 2018, with nearly a thousand square meters, which allow annual savings in CO2 emissions of close to 70 tons, which is equivalent to planting 176 trees per year; and plans, in the next 2 years, to multiply these efforts to be the service complex with the greatest energy savings in relation to its built area.

With its renewed concept in health and well-being, Almacentro is a key link in the history that is beginning to be written in the Perpetuo Socorro economic and creative district.