Artemis 1: how to watch live the launch of the rocket that NASA will send to the Moon

This Saturday, past noon, the NASA will try again to launch Artemis 1, the mighty rocket that marks the return of space missions to the Moon.

The expensive but important artemis project, program that has long-term goal of getting people to Mars, is scheduled to take off for the Earth's satellite east Saturday September 3. The window for its launch It will start at 15:17, Argentine time.

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As the United States Aerospace Agency has accustomed us, the takeoff and initial trajectory can be viewed live. So that you do not miss a single detail, here we tell you how to follow this important event.

NASA has everything ready for Artemis 1's second liftoff attempt. (Photo: REUTERS/Steve Nesius)

The reasons why the release of Artemis 1 was postponed

NASA confirmed that last Monday it decided postpone the release of Artemis 1 Mainly due to engine failure. rocket number 3. While the other three engines worked as expected, any problem in any of them is reason enough to abort the takeoff.

In addition, the Agency also mentioned that the weather conditions were not favorable during the launch window.

Saturday September 3 will be the second launch attempt of Artemis 1

Saturday will again be a tense day at NASA. After the first cancellation, the eyes of the world are on the Kennedy Space Centerin Florida, United States, waiting for a successful takeoff.

The first launch window for Artemis 1 will start at 3:17 p.m. and if the weather conditions allow it and no problem arises, NASA will give the order for the rocket that will orbit the Moon to take off.

It is important to make it clear that Artemis 1 will not carry astronauts on board. However, the future missions of the project, which aims to return to the Moon -scheduled for 2025- and from a base on our satellite, take people to Mars, depend on its success.

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How to watch the launch of Artemis 1 live

NASA will offer a live broadcast of the Artemis 1 event on Saturday, September 3. The launch schedule is not defined yet and depends on different variables. In principle, the window for takeoff starts at 15:17, Buenos Aires time.

During the next two hours, NASA will study if the conditions are right to try a new launch. If during that time range, for any reason, the Agency considers again that it is not safe to start the countdown, or that some preparation is not complete, the launch will be postponed for the following week.

The launch of Artemis 1 can be seen live with several options:

  • From the official NASA app
  • On the NASA website
  • By NASA TV

Artemis 1 and Orion

The Artemis I rocket is about the same height as a 32-story building. Its function is drive toward lunar orbit a spacecraft pointed, relatively small and white, called Orion.

This ship will transport, in addition to measurement and data collection equipment, different objects, such as an Amazon Alexa device. Special instruments inside Orion will track vital information about the spacecraft's trajectory, safety, and radiation absorption.

Your goal will be to test the routes of future missions Artemis II and Artemis III that will travel in 2025 with a human crew.

Artemis 1: watch live the launch of the rocket that NASA will send to the Moon

A flawless launch could mark the beginning of NASA's modern years and the successful continuation of the Apollo program.

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NASA TV is the Agency's official channel on YouTube.  (Photo: Capture NASA TV/YouTube)
NASA TV is the Agency's official channel on YouTube. (Photo: Capture NASA TV/YouTube)