Arts of Yemen... A hotbed of beautiful aspirations after the war

Wars obscure all the beautiful appearances of countries, make images of their regions drown in tragedies, convey blood and destruction, and feelings of fear and shock in front of the places of memories engraved in the minds of afflicted people, and the stations of their lives that have changed for the worse.
Wars may last for years, which expands the spread of horrific images in the near and far surroundings of the countries concerned with disasters. These images become signs of identification with these countries and their residents, but a glimmer of veiled beauty must appear, and it may turn into a radiance that grows and restores the destroyed country to its natural position in coexistence with manifestations of joy and enjoyment of the world.
In the midst of the partial stability that Yemen has known for months, with the pace of war calming, and its people clinging to the hope of reaching a comprehensive peace, its people are regaining their relationship with arts and drawings that renew their view of the sweet landmarks of their country, aspirations for better conditions, and a comfortable life.
In recent weeks, it was remarkable that Yemeni women enthusiastically learned drawing techniques in a free art course organized in the capital, Sana'a. Many also watched exhibitions of painters that included works that reflected the culture of their country and its people, their aspirations and wishes, and even their view of the war and its conditions, even if through fewer works that confirmed their attempt to turn a page that left great scars in their souls.
Certainly, the renewed presence of arts in the lives of Yemenis brings them back to the realm of peace in which they want to live in peace and joy.

(The New Arab)