Coordination 2022.. Availability of the website for registering desires in the third stage today

Business starts today, Saturday The third stage of coordination The Coordination Office confirmed that the electronic coordination website will be opened for the rest of the successful students in the first round of general secondary this year 2022, as well as the retarded ones from the first and second stages, in addition to the successful students in the second round to write down their desires, from Saturday 3/9/ 2022 until Wednesday, 7/9/2022, with a minimum of 205 degrees for all divisions.

Students have the opportunity to register their wishes through the student's personal computer with internet access 24 hours a day, or through the coordination laboratories in government universities, where technicians and administrators are provided to assist students during the registration of desires.

In the same context, the coordination site continues to make available the door for registering desires for students of the first and second stages of coordination of admission to public universities, who are exhausted from desires and who are behind in writing desires during the days of the stage.