Cristiano Ronaldo without Champions League: Lionel Messi licks his lips for the record scorer, titles and assists in the Champions League | FOOTBALL-INTERNATIONAL

The transfer market summer is over, Cristiano Ronaldo couldn't get out of Manchester United and you will have to see Champions League from a comfortable sofa in his luxurious mansion. After 19 uninterrupted seasons playing the best club tournament in the world, the veteran Portuguese striker has been left out of the competition, after his team only qualified for the Europa League. This means a blow for the Portuguese and his followers, but a golden opportunity for Lionel Messi and his goal of being the top scorer in the Champions League UEFA.

As the statistics show, Cristiano Ronaldo has 140 goals in the entire history of the Champions League, while Lionel Messi has 125. In other words, only 15 goals separate the Argentine from reaching the scoring record for the crack of Manchester United.

Although Messi no longer scores as many goals as before, 15 goals in a single edition of the Champions League is a figure that he has already been close to. In 2011-12, Rosario's genius converted 14 goals, a number that was enough for him to be the top scorer of the 'Orejona' that year.

The absence of Cristiano Ronaldo in the next Champions League is a great opportunity that comes before Lionel Messi to start reversing Cristiano's supremacy, also taking into account that the Argentine is two years younger than the Portuguese and has at least two more seasons ahead of him.

Statistics show that the also international with Portugal has played 183 games in 19 Champions League seasons, for the 156 duels in 18 years of Lionel Messi's Champions League. In addition, the Portuguese has more assists than the Argentine: 42 against 75.

Aside from Cristiano Ronaldo's scoring record in the Champions League, Lionel Messi can match his number of titles, number of MVP's and the number of times he came out as the top scorer in UEFA competition.

Cristiano RonaldoLionel Messi
Seasons: 19Seasons: 18
Goals: 140Goals: 125
Assists: 42Assists: 35
Titles: 5Titles: 4
MVP: 3MVP: 2
Times top scorer: 7Times top scorer: 6

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