Detained mother-stepfather 'Nong Chao Kha' filed additional charges physically assaulting the youngest child to death

Detained mother-stepfather 'Nong Chao Kha' filed additional charges Together they attacked the youngest child to death.

From the case of Mr. Nattapon Thongduang, age 29, along with Mrs. Anan Macaroensri, 64 years old, who are father and grandmother has filed a complaint with the authorities in the case of a 3-year-old Nong Chao Kha who was seriously injured after being in the care of Miss Natarawit Na Pattani, the child's real mother. who parted ways with Mr. Nattaphon, went to be with Mr. Tinakorn Kamonsilp, a new boyfriend and was arrested by the police after being informed of the allegations together to injure others to the extent that they cause serious harm to others

At 9:30 a.m. on September 3, Pol. Lt. Col. Saksit Boonrub, Deputy Inspector of Investigation at Bang Bua Thong Police Station, Nonthaburi Province, led Ms. Natthawit. Na Pattani, 27 years old, Mae Nong Chao Kha, 3 years old, who was seriously injured, and Mr. Tinakorn Kamonsilp, 29, a new boyfriend, went to the Nonthaburi Provincial Court for detention.

While the police led the two suspects to walk out of the room to get into the car. a reporter asked Ms. Natarawit that it still confirms that it has not hurt the child or not Ms. Natarawit He nodded, but didn't answer. Ask if you want to apologize to Grandma and the father of the child. Ms. Natarawit He didn't answer and walked into the car.

Lieutenant Colonel Allied Jang Prasert, Deputy Superintendent, Chief Investigator of Bang Bua Thong Police Station, said that for the case of Phi Phi, the youngest child, age 2, who died at Bang Bua Thong Hospital on May 26 after the father of the child divorced his mother. Only 3 days from the results of the autopsy from the Institute of Forensic Science. death from assault

The investigators then examined the surrounding witnesses at the scene. Which is believed to have been caused by the assault, so the allegations were filed Together to physically attack others until death to Miss Natarawit Na Pattani, 27 years old, her real mother, Nong Chao Kha, 3 years old, and Phi Phi's mother, age 2 years and Mr. Tinakorn Kamolsilp, 29 years old, added 1 more case and objected to bail because the case has a high penalty rate and fear that the two suspects will flee due to lack of a definite place to stay and afraid to mess with the evidence