Dilireba's "zero retouching, full makeup" photos are exposed!Net is shocked: It's too ridiculous

Dilireba's "zero retouching, full makeup" photos are exposed!Net is shocked: It's too ridiculous

The 30-year-old Xinjiang goddess Dilireba in mainland China has become one of the representatives of the new generation of Huadan because of her super high appearance and superb acting skills. ", "You Are My Glory" and so on have all achieved super high traffic!

Recently, Di Ali Gerba took a series of photos for the magazine. Because of the super high-value appearance, after the photos were exposed, it caused a heated discussion again~

The photographer even broke the news that these photos were all "unedited", and Di Lieba did not make up. As soon as the news came out, all netizens immediately shouted, "I can't believe this is without makeup! It's too beautiful."

Recently, Di Ali Gerba once again appeared on the cover of a fashion magazine. A series of super fairy-like photos have aroused heated discussions among many netizens. The photographer also posted on Weibo: "Forgetting the perspective of male perspective and female perspective of power is It's beautiful, no makeup, no retouching."

The photographer revealed that these photos of Di Ali Gerba were all without makeup and without retouching. As soon as the post published the keyword "The photographer said that Di Ali Gerba has no makeup and no retouching", it rushed to the hot search!

Chinese mainland netizens have praised Dilireba's "natural beauty", "the body and face are so superior", "I can't believe this is a plain face! It's too beautiful", "a thick face is a beauty, and you can't wear makeup." It's very beautiful", but some people questioned and said "the eyebrows are obviously very light, I must have painted my eyebrows, why no makeup", "I don't believe that the lips have not been painted with lipstick, normal people really have such lips. Is there any color?", "At most, there is no heavy makeup, how could she not have makeup... Her "Running Man" wakes up without makeup than this", "How is it possible, let's just listen to it."

What do you think of the SIS?

source: Weibo@Dilraba Dilireba

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