EXIT Kanechika completely denies the "suspicions" on "24 Hour TV"! "I don't do it at all" - seriously

EXIT Kanechika Daiki Picture / Saiga Yuu (C) Maijitsu

Taiki Kanechika, a popular entertainer with a criminal record "EXIT", attended the CM presentation held on September 1st. He completely denied the rumors circulating on the internet, saying that he "didn't do it".

Kanechika, who completed the 100km run as a charity runner on "24-Hour Television Love Saves the Earth" (Nippon Television), which aired on August 27-28, said this was his first public appearance after the marathon.

The CM product is an electric shaver, and at the event, "EXIT" is introduced as a beauty entertainer who cares about the skin. However, my partner Rintaro. However, Kanechika, who doesn't feel like a beauty artist, says, "I usually don't do anything, so I was really caught up in being treated as a beauty artist."

But Rintaro. said that her Kanechika's skin was beautiful, and praised her skin that didn't get rough, saying, "Even after running 100 kilometers, it was insanely beautiful."

In response to this, Kanechika commented, "I was told on the internet, 'If you run while wearing makeup, run faster.'" During the marathon, he revealed that there was such a suspicion on the Internet.

"EXIT" Kanechika completely denies posting false rumors...

It's a very sensitive topic, but Kanechika completely denies this suspicion, saying, "I haven't done it at all, but it's like makeup."This remark was reported all at once in each mass media, and on the Internet

《Since I can live my life as I like and do well in life, I have less stress.》
《It wasn’t about warp》
"Have you committed a crime? 》
《But did you adjust the time for the goal? 》
《The theme was “I want to meet you” and Kanechika said he wanted to meet his mother, but the fact that she was not at the finish line, who should have been at the venue, is more mysterious.》

A series of such remarks followed.

"In the annual special program 'Complete Adhesion! The Back Side of 24-Hour Television' (Nippon Television), which was broadcast the day after '24-Hour Television', the pattern of the marathon was revealed without concealing it. Kanechika also wore makeup. If he didn't, he didn't even warp, and it turns out that the rumors on the internet were completely speculative hoaxes." (entertainment writer)

Spreading baseless stories and one-sided information on the Internet is truly unforgivable.

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