Extremely one ball too much "strike out by myself" Consideration not to forget "Confirm the referee's judge properly" | Full-Count

Nippon-Ham's Taikai Ito wins double digits for the second year in a row

■ Nippon Ham 3-1 Rakuten (2nd, Rakuten Seimei Park)

Fans are secretly paying attention to the “self-strikeout call” that Nippon-Ham pitcher Taikai Ito showed when he threw the ultimate ball. The Rakuten match was held on the 2nd at Rakuten Seimei Park. The mischievous appearance that he showed on the mound is said to be "everything is 100 points" and "I like to check the referee's judge properly".

A match that won double digits for the second consecutive year from the rookie year with 8 hits and 1 run in 6 innings. Despite carrying runners on his back, his strength in the key points stood out. The scene that has become a secret topic is the scene where he missed Rakuten's Dai Suzuki with one death in the fifth inning with a one-point lead and struck out. When the outstanding outlaw of 147 kg is decided, pose to turn around and pull the right hand. He was in perfect sync with the umpire's call.

After watching the referee's decision, don't forget to consider doing it with a slight "time difference". When the official YouTube of "Persol Kanare no Pacific League TV" picked it up immediately, fans commented, "I want you to do more", "I can feel the main character in his free behavior on the mound", "It's wonderful, and the judges are also watching properly". 's comment too. It was a scene that symbolizes an emotional right-hand man.

[Actual video]Too much one ball, "I even strike out" Taikai Ito is in perfect harmony with the referee "Free behavior"