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At this rate, we'll never see the latter the last of us. Ahead of HBO's much-publicized adaptation, Naughty Dog released a top-to-bottom remake titled The last of us, part oneFor PlayStation 5 devices.

Don't make mistakes: The last of us, part one It's basically the same as the original game that came out in 2013 (and the subsequent 2014 Remaster, for the PlayStation 4). In my testing, the clues that already exist for the origin are applied here — right down to groups of lockers and other locked doors. If you are looking for very specific advice, you better check out Kirk's initial tips from [website crumbles into dust].

other, Part A It is the most mechanically superior version of the game, there is no doubt about it, and with improvements come some changes. Like its immediate predecessor, the 1920s The Last of Us Part 2 On PlayStation 4, Naughty Dog included an impressive array of settings and accessibility options. You will find More than 60 sliders and settings method You can pinch. Most of it depends on preference, which is the kind of thing you want to tweak as you play, but there are a handful that have to be enabled for the jump.

vibrating speech

Talk about vibrationsunder DualSense Menu, is one of the few parts of The last of us, part one Which makes it look like a legitimate PS5 game (and not a particularly pretty PS4 game). The setting causes the PS5 console to vibrate when a character is speaking, and it does so at the same rate as they speak. that's cool! It's also a little intense by default. For me, I found you Speech volume to vibrations Sweet Spot at 5 - Enough to "hear" the characters talk but not so much as to be distracting.

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Custom difficulty

The last of us, part one You can play in six difficulty settings, starting with: very easyAnd LightAnd to provideAnd DifficultAnd survivorAnd once you win the game, grounded. But the challenge is not linear. You can adjust the difficulty level according to five different aspects of the game:

  • player: It dictates how much damage you take from attacks, and how often or how often you see barriers mid-battle.
  • enemies: It basically determines how smart (or not) your enemies are.
  • allies: Determines how often your allies help you in combat.
  • stealthily: It controls a number of variables related to stealth, including the time it takes enemies to alert their friends after you've been spotted.
  • means: Regulates how often resources such as food, ammunition, and crafting supplies appear.

So, if you're great at staying out of sight but struggle with action sequences in general, you can reverse that with a custom difficulty setting. There is also a benefit here for masochists. While you can't start a new game at the highest possible difficulty level - even if you've played this game a thousand times during its previous iterations - you can manually set these five games on the floor for the hardest actual launch possible.

Picture mode shortcut

The last of us, part one It is without a doubt one of the most beautiful games on the console at the moment. In other words: you'll want to take a lot of screenshots. Normally, entering shooting mode requires opening the menu, which slows down the game - unless you activate it Shortcut for photo modeIn the Rules existing. When enabled, you can directly enter shooting mode by pressing both thumb sticks at the same time. Just get the timing right or you'll turn on Jewel's flashlight and ruin your shot!


HintsAt the bottom of the HUD menu, set to Sometimes By default. But it is more complex than useful. For one thing, they only give advice on the critical path. Sometimes you know exactly what to do to continue the story, but since this is a Naughty Dog (crazy levels well worth exploring), you'll want to ramble around a bit, and see if you can find key collectibles or resources. And that brings me to the most annoying part of Part AHints: Once a hint appears, it does not disappear until you complete the task it tells you to do. I remind you here that all the guides already written for this game are as effective now as they were a decade ago.

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rainbow grid pattern

Mostly yes The last of us, part one It's the same game the last of us. One subtle change: there's a new bow aiming system. This is disgusting. By default, it only comes with a standard point as a reticle - not great for measuring distances when aiming with a bow. But if you change rainbow grid pattern Definition, located under Hood menu, to classic, you can see the arrow's path as planned: with a clear path showing where the arrow will land. Autofocus is not only useful, but it's also a reminder that some things are best left untouched.

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