Florida: Primary Health Workers Mobilize After Suspension of Transfers to Rural Posts | National

After a statement by the Comptroller that suspended the transfer of officials in municipal vehicles to rural health posts in Florida, Bío Bío region, primary health workers began a mobilization.

Primary health workers are mobilized for the second day in the Florida commune, upset that the municipality suspended the transfer service for officials to remote rural posts.

It was a statement from the Comptrollerproduct of a consultation made by the mayor, Jorge Roa, which caused the suspension of trips with municipal vehicles, which allowed primary health officials to reach their places of work, in this case 4 health posts located 8 kilometers away, the most close and 30 the most remote.

With the exception of Cesfam de Copiulemu, there is no public transport service to any of these points. Also, only a small number of officials have a private vehiclesays Ximena Riquelme, president of Afusam Florida.

According to the leader, in the consultation that the municipality made to the controlling entity on the legality of the transfer of officials, it is not specified that there is no collective transportation to these sectorsa precedent that in the opinion of the workers would have weighted the opinion in another way.

Cristian Peña, former councilor of the commune, went to the control body this Friday to request that this statement be specified and the option to exempt in these cases. He also asked for a summary for the actions of the current director of the municipal DAS.

Peña pointed out that the conflict began years ago with harassment practices of the former director of Municipal Healthwho was removed from office and weighs on him a summary that complies more than a year without results.

This director was replaced by the current director, who the workers denounce would have continued with actions against the staffin which the suspension of the transfer to remote places is framed.