Hajar chief: Increased income for "Yellow" will be achieved

Hamad Al-Arefi, president of Hajar Club, explained that the meeting of representatives of the "Yellow" league clubs for the first degree with Yasser Al-Mashal, president of the Football Association, was fruitful.
Yesterday, Al-Mishal held a meeting with three representatives of the “Yellow” clubs, namely, Hamad Al-Arifi, president of Hajar, Mons Al-Dawi, president of Al-Uruba, and Saud Al-Harbi, CEO of Uhud Club, in the presence of Naim Al-Bakr, head of the competitions committee, and Ibtihal Al-Sayer, director general of club affairs in the Ministry of Sports. And Talal Al-Obeidi, President-designate of the First Division League, during the meeting a number of issues related to the league were discussed, the most important of which was the financial income and benefiting from the club support strategy implemented by the Ministry of Sports. Get the most out of it.
Al-Arefi expressed his happiness with the association's cooperation with them, and said, "The association's cooperation is very refined, and brother Talal Al-Obeidi is in the role, and the evidence is the development of the Yellow League this season, as it is followed with high accuracy and television transmission and has become comparable to other leagues."
He concluded, "There are big differences, especially the clubs that were relegated from the professional league, they have large sums and have a high income, and there are some other clubs that have financial problems, and we explained the issue to them, and God willing, our demands that the clubs entrusted us with and put their trust in us will be fulfilled." (function(P,o,s,t,Q,r,e))( window,document,'script','//widget.postquare.com/_widget_loader.js','__posWidget'); __posWidget('createWidget',wwei:'POSTQUARE_WIDGET_122394',pubid: 165709,webid:171079,wid:122394,on:'postquare');