Has it become the presidential password for Berri?

Lebanon Debyte

Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri raised the ceiling high in defining the specifications of the future President of the Republic, and with the application of the constitutional deadline for the presidential election, these specifications have become the subject of debate in political circles, as well as all parliamentarians, which began to give more than one interpretation of the presidential vision launched by the Speaker on the anniversary Absence of Imam Musa al-Sadr in pictures. In this context, a member of the "Liberation and Development" bloc, MP Muhammad Khawaja, says that it is not important for the president's name, but rather his specifications, foremost of which is the adjective "patriotism".

Regarding the date of the election session, Representative Khawaja told Lebanon Debate that, with the entry into the constitutional deadline, determining the time and date of any constitutional session and under the constitution is one of the prerogatives of the Speaker, who will not hesitate for one moment to send this call to the deputies to elect a speaker He is new to the Republic, and that, when he sees that the moment is appropriate for holding a session and for its success, then he is entrusted with the constitution.

Thus, the specifications of the President of the Republic, MP Khawaja explains, apply primarily to the personality that unites and does not differentiate, and does not deal with the Lebanese from a partisan or sectarian background or any other background, and to the “reformist” and “visionary” personality capable of solving problems and crises that Lebanon is suffering from, as the new president must first be in agreement with everyone, and consider all the Lebanese as one team, because no one can work alone, and have the appropriate plan and vision for how to get out of the current crisis situation, in order to work with the government and Parliament As constitutional institutions, to get Lebanon out of the dark tunnel it entered, and from the reality of bankruptcy and collapse.

Regarding the personality to whom these specifications apply, Representative Khawaja points out that he has not yet appeared, explaining that when this character emerges, the time will have come, and the elections will take place.

He reveals that there are many political figures who meet these specifications, but he confirms that this is not enough, as it is necessary to have the support of the parliamentary blocs.

In response to a question about the presidential password, and whether it is now in Ain al-Tineh? Representative Khawaja revealed that there is no password, and considered that it is not important to name, because “people are separated according to the measurement of the site, not the site that is separated at the expense of people.

He also stressed that no bloc has named its candidate so far, stressing that the parliamentary blocs are conducting rounds and consultations, but they have not yet reached the naming stage.

Regarding the candidate of the "Development and Liberation" bloc, MP Khawaja says that the bloc did not nominate any figure, and it is nominating the one who meets the specifications announced by President Berri.