High-yield deposits ram up to 3.1% of Taiwan dollar live savings, and USD fixed deposits to 6.6% | Anue Juheng

The Fed's hawkish remarks continue, and it is expected that the strong dollar will continue to run through the end of 2022. The capital market fluctuates, and banks take advantage of the trend to set off a wave of high-yield deposits.Taiwan dollarThe highest interest rate for living savings is 3.1%, and the highest U.S. dollar time deposit rate is 6.6%.

As the future bank of the pure online banking "national team", since its opening at the end of March, there have been many topics. The highest interest rate for live savings is 3.1%, the highest credit card rebate is 5%, and the lowest credit interest rate is 1.58%. Three god-level rewards have been widely received by netizens. It is well received. In the future, the bank has decided to extend the three major discounts until the end of the year.

According to the latest announcement on the official website of the Future Bank, the main account of the Future Bank provides a 3.1% interest rate for live savings within 60,000 yuan (inclusive), 1.3% for more than 60,000 yuan to 300,000 yuan (inclusive), 0.8% for more than 300,000 yuan, and no limit. The discount of the upper limit; no-brainer swiping "will card" back up to 5%, and even if the central bank raises interest rates, the credit interest rate remains at the lowest Buddha's heart rate of 1.58%, and 66 inter-bank transfers and 6 inter-bank withdrawals are free of charge The offer is also extended until the end of the year.

Another pure online bank, Lotte International Bank, launched a high-interest fixed deposit campaign in conjunction with the Chinese Professional Baseball. Lotte Bank said that in order to support the professional baseball Lotte Peach Ape players who have been improving all the way, it will launch a month-long "Peach Ape" in September. Ape will win fixed deposit", the 60-day period has an annual interest rate of 0.65%. If the Lotte Peach Ape Team wins the second half of the 2022 championship, it will double the amount, which means that you can receive a maximum 1.3% annual interest rate after 60 days of deposit. However, Deposit limit per personNew Taiwan Dollar 50,000 yuan.

KGI Bank launched the NTD high-yield survival program. The login time is until November 30, and the interest will be paid all the way to the end of the year. Individual customers with new funds can enjoy an additional 0.395% of the NTD live deposit interest rate within 1 million yuan (inclusive), and a 0.7% preferential annual interest rate with a notice rate; more than 1 million yuan, the interest rate can be increased by 0.695% , you can enjoy up to 1.0% preferential annual interest rate with the notice rate.

According to KGI Bank, there is no upper limit on the deposit limit for this preferential project, and the interest rate is calculated at an additional rate.

Wing Fung Bank launched USD time deposit, especially in combination with customers' credit card consumption and financial management needs, from now until November 30, the limited-time promotion of "6 monthly credit card credit cards with 6.6% anti-inflation USD time deposit" will be launched.

Wing Fung Bank said that Wing Fung cardholders who hold Wing Fung Bank’s foreign currency deposit accounts can enjoy a 6.6% annual interest rate of 6.6% for 6 months of U.S. dollar exchange rate for U.S. dollar time deposits in the month. With the developed wealth management plan, customers can enjoy both credit card rebate and fixed deposit high interest rate, so as to make careful calculation and enlarge wealth for the people.