Highlights: ideas for a bright look

Highlights, meches, shatush, balayage… These are just some of the techniques that can be brought into play on the hair. It is often difficult for those who are not in the trade to understand what is the best technique to choose and which ones differences between one technique and another. Equally difficult to succeed in understand which shade should be chosen to enhance the hair, complexion and at the same time also one's personality. Here then everything you need to know about highlightsso as not to make any errors in judgment.

What is the difference between highlights and highlights?

At first glance they look very similar, but wicks e highlights they are actually two different techniques between them, which consequently allow to obtain a different effect. The meches involve the discoloration of locks of rather large dimensions, in order to create a stark contrast, a rather marked, decisive, clearly visible effect. THE highlights instead they foresee to lighten, or darken as needed, of the rather small strands of a couple of shades just compared to the rest of the foliage. A contrast is therefore created without a doubt lighter, softerfor a very natural effect. It's roughly the same effect as after one long beach holidayas if the hair was then kissed by the sun's rays. After all, it is precisely from this effect that highlights get their name.


What is the difference between highlights and shatush?

When we talk about a hair discoloration which allows you to get a very natural effectour mind immediately runs to the shatush technique, in recent years of great trend. Indeed, we must admit that the way of operating is exactly the samethey go in fact to lighten small hair strands by a couple of shades. The difference is that i highlights are made all over the hair, from the roots to the tips. The shatush instead focuses solely and exclusively on lengthstherefore on the part closest to the tips, while the roots remain darkof the natural color.

Shots of sun for a natural effect, how to succeed in the enterprise

If you are looking for a super natural effectwhat matters is to choose the shades of highlights. What color to do the highlights? Of a fewer shades compared to the color of the rest of the hair, whether it is a dyed hair, whether it is a hair left natural.

I light blonde highlights they look good on dark blonde hair, therefore tending to brown. They may turn out instead excessively light on dark brown hair. In this case, it is better to choose a light brown, preferably tending to golden in order to guarantee extreme brightness to the hair. Between highlights on brown hair by far the best we remember for example i highlights honey and caramelbright and capable of guaranteeing a truly excellent mirror effect, as well as extremely greedy. Not only do they offer a sun-kissed hair effect then, but they guarantee a sophisticated and sensual look. On dark brown hair it is also possible to make gods coppery highlights that set fire to the foliage. Which highlights on black hair, on the other hand, is it good to make? The best highlights on dark hair are those mahogany or tending to purple.

Highlights on super short hair? Of course yes

We are used to believe that highlights are suitable only and exclusively for very long hair. It is a false belief. The highlights must be made from the root to the tips. Precisely for this reason they are also suitable for women who have short or very short hair. Obviously on short hair the effect that is created it is not one hundred percent natural and offers the hair a certain originality. In short, it is a valid choice for women who do not want to go unnoticed at all, extravagant and whimsical.

Is it possible to do sunburn during pregnancy?

True, the highlights come carried out from root to tip. In reality though you never get to touch the skinit is customary to leave in fact a few millimeters away. Precisely because the color does not touch the skin, there appears to be no danger to the fetus, it is impossible in fact that the substances contained in the color can enter the circulation. It is necessary however pay attention, especially during the first trimester. Better then to choose colors without ammonia and other chemicals potentially harmful and avoid dyeing your hair at least during the first three months.

DIY highlights, some useful tips

I hair with highlights they can also be made at home. To succeed in the enterprise it is obviously important choose the specially formulated colors for highlights. It is a product today easy to find, also available at the most well-stocked supermarkets. It is also good choose the right toolsas the cap with holes for highlights and highlights or the comb for highlights which allows a correct distribution of the product. Although it is possible to achieve highlights at home, we advise you to rely on your hairdresser of trust. An experienced hairdresser knows indeed what is the best shade and how to make highlights so that the hair cannot be damaged in any way.