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The ultra-popular sports reality show "All-Star Games" is now in its fourth season. In addition to the blue and red teams in the previous three seasons, the yellow team led by the "Phoenix Left-hander" Guo Hongzhi should not be underestimated. Although it is a newly established team, they are not jerky at all. The number of trophies is far ahead of the red and blue teams, making the eyes of all audience fans bright. And this ever-winning new powerhouse has recently elected a captain to lead everyone. She is not only the first captain since the Yellow Team was founded, but also the only female captain in the four seasons program of "All-Star Games". She is "the most beautiful captain" "Strong.

From being confident toquilthard lesson"

As early as the fourth season of "All-Star", I believe that many people are already very familiar with Zhuang Zhuang. She has learned dance since childhood. The "Formosa Sexy" leader of LEAGUE+ Taishin Dreamers has achieved an alternative stick-basket amphibious. Therefore, in the major professional arenas in Taiwan, we can often see strong and energetic figures who are dedicated to supporting. In addition to supporting and dancing in competitions, she usually also likes leisure activities such as retraining and diving. In addition, she has been studying since she was a child. At this stage, no matter what sports she wants to participate in, she will always be sent to the court, so it can be said that she has a good sports foundation.

She loves sports and is a loyal fan in previous seasons. Before joining the show, she also inquired about "all-star seniors" Lin Yingle and Meng Jie, who were also in the cheerleading team of Lotte Taoyuan, and the answers she got were "very tiring". However, with his childhood experience and strong confidence in his own physical strength, he didn't take it seriously for the first time, thinking, "How tiring will it be because of filming sports?".

It wasn't until he participated "in person" that Zhuang Zhuang was shocked to realize that all the advice of his friends was true. In addition to the need to adjust his work, rest and diet, his mentality had to change from the "cheerleader" who was cheering on the field to one. The "athlete" who actually ends the game. Her own personality does not like to compete with others, and she is not too obsessed with winning or losing. But after joining the show, the goal of their entire team is only to "win". Zhuang Zhuang also described such a change as "returning himself to his original form", abandoning all his original identities, and after entering "All-Star", he regarded himself as An athlete goes hard.

The bottom of the pot becomes the captain, and the high votes are affirmed by teammates

There are 12 female contestants in the fourth season of "All-Star", and Zhuangzhuang is the bottom player who was selected in the last round, that is, the fourth round. Although she will perform poorly in the test, it does not mean that her performance will continue in the future. In the downturn, there have been several examples of "counterattack from the bottom" in the show, and Zhuang Zhuang himself also expressed his special appreciation for Wu Xinti, the red team in the second season, and hoped that he could emulate her spirit and perseverance in turning over from the bottom of the pot, so that everyone can see the leap. Progress and growth.

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Her attitude and dedication were quickly seen. Although her athletic performance was not outstanding, Zhuang Zhuang played the role of a warm older sister in the yellow team with generally young members, and always acted as a liaison between team leader Guo Hongzhi and the team members. The bridge, plus her getting along with her teammates during training all meet Brother Guo's requirements for the team, so when voting for the captain, Zhuangzhuang won the support of more than half of his teammates and became the first captain in the history of the yellow team.


Yellow team captain selection clip ↑

Looking back at the first 4 votes, 2 votes were for her. Zhuangzhuang was just secretly happy that "I turned out to be popular", but she didn't expect that as the voting continued, she realized that something was wrong, and she might not just win " Popularity vote", but is really about to be elected.

As the captain, Zhuangzhuang, in addition to arranging and coordinating training matters, meeting the expectations of the team leader, becomes a model for the team members, and also becomes a "firewall" for teammates. She will read the messages of netizens, positive messages and advice, she will Absorb and help the team to improve; she will help her teammates block the abusive and attacking messages, so the teammates always feel that Zhuangzhuang is their backing. In addition, the captains of the previous seasons of "All-Star" have a tradition of "please eat". This unwritten rule still continues in the new army yellow team, and many players will coquettish her during breaks. : "I'm so hungry." As the eldest sister in the team and the captain, Zhuang Zhuang always picks up his mobile phone to order food and responds to everyone, so that the team members will not be hungry during practice.

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What is the style of leading a team with major league qualifications? Super like "Tsundere Girlfriend"

If you are a loyal fan of "All-Star", you will understand the importance of "senior sister". In addition to sharing experience, you can also become a partner and an opponent in normal training. From the perspective of a past person, the current team members can be faster. Master new competition items to make your overall training more efficient.

But here comes the problem. Compared with the red and blue teams that had senior sisters in the first three seasons, the newly established yellow team lacked this resource. As the captain, Zhuangzhuang admitted that there would be some "nothing" in terms of finding a venue and training at the beginning. clueless". But the crisis is a turning point. The yellow team, without the "hood" of the senior sister, has instead embarked on a path of self-reliance and self-improvement. Each member clearly understands that "you can only rely on yourself", and instead, everyone is more united and rushed towards the championship, vowing to When the "cute and charming villain" outside the red and blue in the hearts of the original audience.

Of course, in addition to the fact that all the team members have to train hard and do their part, the "big head" is also an important role for the team to emerge. Compared with Jiang Hongjie and Qian Weijuan, who are familiar to the audience in the first three seasons, they have two completely different ways of leading the team. I believe everyone is very curious about the style of Guo Hongzhi as the team leader. Zhuang Zhuang also explained everyone's doubts from the perspective of the captain.

Surprisingly, "Brother Guo" Guo Hongzhi's style of training is completely different from the humorous style in front of the screen in the first few episodes of "All-Star". During training, he treats his disciples very strictly, and he will not lower his requirements for them because they are entertainers and internet celebrities. The most important thing for leading the team is the team's "attitude and discipline", so he is choosing the scheduling of players. , Guo Hongzhi will not send whoever is more powerful, but will observe the status and attendance rate of each player in private practice to decide who will represent the yellow team. In addition, Guo Hongzhi also asks every contestant to "look directly at" the item that they are least good at, and forbid them to choose to escape because they are not good at it.

Interestingly, Zhuang Zhuang has a unique set of metaphors for the team leader Guo. She thinks Guo is like a proud girlfriend who needs others to "guess your thoughts", while the Huang team members don't seem to understand the "stink" of girlfriends. Boyfriend", when they have any questions to ask Brother Guo, Guo Hongzhi will always give them a general direction instead of telling them directly what to do. When they continue to doubt and understand, Guo Hongzhi will still tell them: " You have to find your own way, if I tell you it is not for you."

Refuse to use injury as an excuse and respond to doubts with positive energy

The training volume of "All-Star" is really heavy, because there are new events to practice every week, so excluding the day of the video game, each team usually arranges the next day of the video to be "off day" every week. Team Huang is even more "infatuated". Seven days a week are training days. Therefore, injuries are inevitable during this process. Zhuang Zhuang, a left-handed man, suffered from repeated contusions on his left hand, causing his thumb to become swollen and unable to bend due to water accumulation. Zhuang Zhuang revealed that she was a blessing in disguise. When her left hand could not be used, she unexpectedly honed the ability to "hold the camera left and right". You can pay close attention to the shooting sports in future shows. Zhuang Zhuang may show that she can use both hands together. new skill!

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It should be hard for everyone to imagine that she likes sports and brings you a lot of vitality Can't dance. When the fourth season of "All-Star" just started, the Internet was full of negative noises of "Zhuangzhuang is a mess", and even the team manager Lin Xiang revealed to her that in the test meeting before the show team, Brother Guo was in all competitions at that time. Next to Zhuang Zhuang's name on the statistics list, there is a question mark, which seems to mean "this person doesn't know what he is here for".

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However, Zhuangzhuang continued to break through doubts along the way, not only showing us energetic dancing in the basketball and baseball fields, but also challenging to be an "athlete" in "All-Star", from the "pot bottom" in the draft to being trusted by the players and team leaders The first female captain of the team, Zhuang Zhuang used her personal story to support everyone this time, hoping that all those who are experiencing a low ebb can also be inspired by her experience and performance!

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