Is it worth it? "Somcheng Samcha", 55 years old, invested almost 4 hundred thousand, flying to make a new face in Korea

Surprised many people after a big comedy "Somchang Samcha" 55 years old flying to Korea face surgery It took more than 25 days to recuperate. The person told the story in Tik Tok. @somchen3cha by taking photos From before surgery, after surgery, to the current version of the face. who have been recuperating for a month to see with a message saying "Was it worth it? This time, I paid myself 380,000 baht."

However "Somchang Samcha" posted a video clip answer netizen questions "What else are you going to do, get surgery?" The News has responded in a sarcastic way that "Let's be clear. Why did you come to Korea again? Have you ever done surgery? Had surgery, hmm... I'm addicted to it (laughs) If you don't have a problem, don't do it, because doing it will cost you money, right? but wanting to fix I mean, do you see everyone here? Here is the orange that fell off the chair when he was 3 years old, the bottom and the top meat are not connected together. separate each part So it's a problem when we're older.

and here Here it is This one is that I have only been injected with silicone once, over 30 years, and it's still the same. The doctor had already taken it out. But it can only be partially removed since it is near the corner of the mouth. There's also this side, you see, but it's less than this side. This side is heavy. Let's see if after doing these two grooves. with one steam How much better will it be with Ironoy here?"

Is it worth it?

Is it worth it?

Is it worth it?

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