Jorge Macri accused the Government of using the attack on Cristina Kirchner "with cynicism and opportunism"

Amid opposition caution after the attack on Cristina Kirchnerthe Minister of the Buenos Aires Government, Jorge Macri, crossed this Friday night the criticism of official leaders and affirmed that, in reality, it is the members of the Fronts of All who spread "messages of hate". Through a Twitter thread, the official of Horacio Rodriguez Larreta He criticized the accusations that were launched throughout the day. “It is unacceptable”, Macri considered.

While much of the option preferred avoid rhetorical confrontation with the Government, Jorge Macri expressed himself on social networks to reject the darts of the Frente de Todos. “24 hours later, I feel that Kirchnerism is taking advantage of the attack with opportunism and cynicism”, complained the official, who remarked, however, his rejection of what happened.

However, he rejected that the “opposition, the press and the justice system be considered accomplices or instigators of the attack”, a reading that was expressed, as he remarked, “openly by numerous official leaders, including President Alberto Fernández”. “And it is unacceptable”said.

Kirchnerism regrets the "hate speeches" when they have been themselves, especially since the allegation of the prosecutor Luciani, those who have been speaking with hatestigmatizing adversaries and stimulating their followers to cruelty and revenge”, emphasized Jorge Macri.

And expanded: “From the first moment, the government used the attack against CFK to denounce an attack against democracy. It suggests that there is a mysterious organization that conspires against the democratic order, whose defenders would be only them. That's not how democracy works.".

The Minister of Government of the City also warned against a new offensive against Justice, emanating from "informal spokesmen" and that includes the attempt to take revenge "against institutions such as the Supreme Court, which he wants to dismember and subjugate." "That is not going to happen. We are going to prevent it, ”he assured.

In addition to his speech, Macri considered "worrying" and "irresponsible" the decision to decree a holiday this Friday and the mobilization carried out in Plaza de Mayo, which, he said, "exacerbated tensions." “Kirchnerism continues building mythical enemies and attributing a superior destiny to the republic itself. That is not democracy either,” he stressed.

Jorge Macri criticized the government's speech after Cristina's attack.Mauro Alfieri - THE NACION

In response to the document read this Friday in Plaza de Mayo, and in the midst of a confusing scenario, the Buenos Aires official asked the people to "keep calm", called on the opposition to maintain "unity", since justice sits "supported". He also advocated the free exercise of the press.

Along these lines, Macri focused on current social problems. Contrary to what Kirchnerism believes, the people are not there where they leave with pipes and rags. Today the people are in their houses with the anguish of their economy and the fear of fanaticism and madness, ”she observed.

In the mobilization that took place in Plaza de Mayo there was criticism against the opposition. The actress Alejandra Darín, who read the document of the demonstration, pointed out the role of "a tiny sector of the political leadership and its supporters". "No one is individually responsible for the actions of others, but those who gave air time to hate speech should reflect on how they have collaborated to get us to this situation," added the artist.

The reading of the document in Plaza de Mayo was in charge of Alejandra Darín
The reading of the document in Plaza de Mayo was in charge of Alejandra DarínRodrigo Nespolo - THE NATION

The representatives of the trade union, social, business and human rights sectors who attended the reading of a document They agreed on the message that makes a "call for national unity" but, which clarifies "not at any price".

“For several years, a tiny sector of the political leadership and its party media has been repeating a speech of hate, of denial of the other, of stigmatization, of criminalization of any popular leader or those related to Peronism., and even from any sympathizer. We have all seen mobilizations where mortuary bags, coffins or guillotines were paraded through the most important squares of the Federal Capital, ”says the document.

The Association of Argentine Journalistic Entities (ADEPA) also reacted to the questions in a new statement. “They do not contribute to social peacethe demonstrations by various leaders, and even state agencies, in which they try to link, capriciously and dangerously, journalistic work with a unanimously repudiated criminal act,” the organization used.