Karla Tarazona and Rafael Fernández reached an agreement: 'Huevero' will pay for their children's school and will transfer a van in their name | entertainment | SHOWS

Karla Tarazona and Rafael Fernandez they closed their love story well. The ex-partner met this Friday afternoon, a week after the announcement of her separation, in a conciliation center in Lince to reach a cordial agreement for her divorce, despite the fact that they had married for separate property.

MIRA: Karla and Rafael reached an agreement during conciliation: "They stayed as friends and had dinner together"

As confirmed by the doctor Karla Visso to Trome, the popular 'egg man' agreed to continue paying for the school of the children of the host of Panamericana Televisión, at least, until the end of this 2022. In addition, he also agreed to pass on the name of the also radio host the luxurious truck that gave him for his birthday.

The lawyer who represented Karla Tarazona He also commented to this newspaper that the ex-partner was on the best of terms and that they even went to dinner together after reconciling.

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Karla Visso He also appeared on Magaly Tv La Firme and commented that Karla Tarazona She will keep the household items they shared during their marriage, and she will be able to stay in the La Molina mansion until she finds another place to move.


DECIDED! The separation of Karla Tarazona and Rafael Fernandez keep making news. In an interview with Amor y Fuego, the TV host confirmed that she will move from the house in La Molina. “Obviously I am not going to stay here because it is very big, and I prefer a smaller place to be with my children”, said.

He also explained that he will look for a new home, but he could not hide the difficult moment he is going through. “Yes, of course, I am really in a complicated process right now, because always in a break one side ends up more damaged, but you also have to get up and keep moving forward”he stated.


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