László Palik - His child is grateful that he decided to divorce

He carefully guards his private life, so only a few people know that László Palik is the father of not only two sons, but also an adult daughter. Júlia was only eight years old when her parents decided to divorce. "My daughter is thirty-two years old. He never appeared anywhere because of his father, he chose a different career, he has nothing to do with the media, he is a security policy expert. And a few years ago, he suddenly thought he would make a statement. I'll never forget, I saw the newspaper and on the front page there was a sentence from my daughter, the title of which read: 'I am grateful to my parents that they divorced' - said László Palik in the last broadcast of his YouTube channel. – He saw the children around him, already half-grown, whose parents stayed together convulsively, that this meant a continuous, non-stop tension in the family. He said it was wonderful that he grew up in such a way that he, on the other hand, never felt any tension between his mother and me, because we always existed in terrible harmony and we always agreed on everything regarding the child, because that kind of ordinary tension did not burden our lives. In connection with this, I often think about whether that certain dead-like, undead feeling still exists today," the TV presenter expressed his thoughts.

Featured image: TV2