[Latest version in 2022]How to efficiently increase the experience value (XP) level in Fortnite-OTONA LIFE |

Fortnite's "experience value (XP)" is a numerical value that can be obtained by acquiring items and defeating enemies. By accumulating experience points, you can level up and get seasonal rewards. Although it is not directly related to the "strength" of the player character, there are many attractive rewards such as costumes and emotes, so there should be many people who want to earn experience points efficiently!

In the past, I was able to earn more and more experience points in the so-called "creative idle play" where I left it without doing anything in creative. However, in "Chapter 3 Season 3" as of September 2022, there are only a few experience points that can be earned with creative neglected play.Therefore, it is important to efficiently earn experience points in other ways.

Fortnite experience points can be earned in various situations, so even beginners can level up quickly. Therefore, in this article, we will introduce the latest "how to earn experience points (XP) efficiently" as of September 2022!

Purchase Battle Pass "Level 25 Pack" | Start the game from level 25

The shortest route to level up in Fortnite is to purchase the Battle Pass "25 Level Pack". "Battle Pass" is a billing system for getting limited items and skins. If you purchase the 25 level pack, you will also receive the privilege of "25 level up". This means that if you buy the 25 level pack, you will start the game at least level 25.

To proceed to the battle pass purchase screen, click the "Battle Pass" tab at the top of the screen and select "Let's get the battle pass".

You will be presented with two options, the one on the left is the battle pass only, and the one on the right is a set of 25 level up perks.In addition, "V-BUCKS" is required to purchase the battle pass, so let's charge 2,800 V-Bucks (2,200 yen as of September 2022) in advance.

If you purchase the battle pass, you will be able to "1 level up" for 150 yen. Until you reach level 75, you can purchase an additional "25 level up" for 1,850 V-Bucks once per season. About the battle passherePlease refer to it for detailed explanation.

"Open" treasure chests and ammo boxes without breaking them | Breaking them with a pickaxe will not earn experience points

If you want to increase your experience and level without paying, we recommend opening the box on the stage for beginners.

Various boxes such as treasure boxes, ammunition boxes, vegetable boxes, and tool boxes are installed on the stage. You can easily get experience points by opening these.However, if you destroy the box with a pickaxe, you will not gain experience points, so be careful.

Depending on the type of box, the experience value obtained differs, such as 130XP for treasure chests and 120XP for ammunition boxes. In addition, if you meet the conditions such as not completing the previous day's quest, ``experience value boost'' and ``XP supercharge'' will be activated, and you can get a lot of experience values ​​​​like the image above.

Defeat an enemy | Earn around 50XP

In Fortnite, you can also get experience points by defeating enemies.

Killing enemies in this way will earn you experience points. All weapons give the same amount of experience, around 50 XP per kill.However, it varies greatly depending on the game mode, number of kills during the match, boost activation status, etc.

Earn experience in respawnable 'Team Rumble' | Join multiple battles

"Team Rumble", in which players are divided into two teams and fights, is famous as a game mode where experience points are easily accumulated.

Earn experience in respawnable 'Team Rumble' | Join multiple fights

The purpose of Team Rumble is to achieve the "target number of kills" before the other team. Players can respawn as many times as they want, allowing them to earn experience for a long time. There are many enemies, so there are many kill chances, and it is also ideal for practicing aiming and building!