Midgets Show and Power with guest riders in San Antonio

By Victor Hugo Fux

With marked expectation, the seventh date of the 2022 Official Tournament of the Midgets Show and Power category is awaited, which will take place this Sunday at the "Atilio Carinelli (h)" permanent circuit in San Antonio - Castellanos.
This is a special race, in which invited riders will be -officially reported on the participation of 18 combinations- to prioritize a program that will take place entirely during daytime.
Cristian Molardo, Guillermo Bogetto, Matías Audino (all crowned in the Midgets del Litoral), as well as Gonzalo Zurbriggen and Adrián Bonafede (champions of the Midgets Show and Power) will be competing.
Three of them as guests: Molardo (will be with son Jeremías), Bogetto (will do so with Audino) and Zurbriggen (with Leonardo Sterpone), while the remaining two will be starters (current leader Audino and three-time champion Bonafede).
The schedule of activities is as follows: at 08:00 opening of the property; of 09:00 a 10:15 reception of registrations and from 10:30 track activity.
The Particular Regulations of the Test establishes the dispute of a round of free tests (holder or guest, at the choice of the binomial); classification (headline or guest, also to be determined by the members of the pairs); series (guest); semifinals (headline); finals A and B of starters (they will be shackled according to positions and times of the semifinals); finals A and B of guests (they will be shackled according to the position of the classification obtained by the holder or the guest).
It is worth clarifying that the main and guest finals will have full points, which will be awarded to the main driver. The regular driver who participates without a guest driver will be able to compete as a normal race, making the same laps and the same usual schedule of other competitions, only he will not obtain the score that the guest can give him in his final.
Confirmed pairings: 1 Adrian Bonafede - Nestor Bosio; 4 Angel Gaggi - Jorge Soliz; 5 Jesus Ceragioli - Diego Haspert; 6 Leonard Sterpone - Gonzalo Zurbriggen; 7 Paul Bailetti - Maurice Acosta; 8 Mark Zurvera - Emmanuel Martin; 9 Diego Bruera - Federico Maletto; 11 German Gorlino - Robert Galizzi; 15 Sebastian Vila - East Argent; 32 Joaquin Beccaria - Adrian Beccaria; 46 Arthur Funes - Leander Funes; 62 Jeremiah Mollard - Christian Mollard; 70 - Edgar Osorio - Andrew Osorio; 71 Matthias Audino - William Bogetto; 82 Darius Pairone - Marcelo Pairone; 89 Germain Mathier - Charles Craver; 105 Christian Fernandez - Juan Jose Listello and 109 Lucas Torassa - Emiliano Torassa.