Monkeypox can trigger social phobia

OThe monkeys' records of smallpox have increased by 20% in the last seven days. The information was released this week (17) by the World Health Organization. There are 35,000 cases in 92 countries. For the WHO, the disease is a public health emergency.

Here in Brazil, 3,184 cases have already been recorded, the increase in contagion has brought concern to Brazilians, still in the phase of facing the Covid-19 pandemic. For psychiatrist Ilton Castro, the fear of contracting another disease can turn into a phobia.

“Many people have difficulties in sharing environments. They avoid supermarkets, events with a lot of people. And faced with the threat of yet another disease, this behavior tends to go beyond the necessary preventive measures, to a point where the work routine and social life can be compromised”. Explains psychiatrist Ilton Castro.

The psychiatrist describes some signs that may indicate a social phobia. They vary between physical and emotional reactions. Some people even feel their heart racing, a tachycardia. For other individuals, other reactions are more common, such as diarrhea, headaches and sweaty hands.

“People are so afraid of dying that they stop living. You stop being with the people you love, you don't take care of basic needs. Paralyzing thought controls actions. Life goes into suspension”, says psychiatrist Ilton Castro.

For more of this confrontation, the search for information can be the recipe to relieve the tension of a population that needs to balance between the Covid-19 pandemic and the monkeypox outbreak.

“We need to use the available defenses against disease. Vaccines, protective items. Understand how contagion occurs. In the case of smallpox, it depends on a closer contact, unlike Covid-19. The more grounded we are, the less chances we will give to thoughts of fear”, adds psychiatrist Ilton Castro.

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