Montadeudas detained in CDMX will not go to jail for this reason

The Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) of Mexico City (CDMX) arrested 27 people for the debt-mounting scamBut they won't go to jail.

The authorities of the CDMX carried out an investigative work for 4 months, when they began to receive complaints of fraud and extortion for loan applications.

These actions culminated in the search of 12 callcenters and the arrest of large debts They were brought before the control judge.

Judge links the process to montadeudas, but they will be released

After securing the horsetailsa control judge determined to link them to the process for the fraud they carry out through apps.

However, everyone will be able to continue their process in freedom, according to the judge's decision during the initial hearing that began on August 19 and concluded around 6 in the morning on August 20.

In order to be released, those detained by the state faith montadeudas, They must present the payment for 4 thousand pesos on August 26 as part of his precautionary measure.

On the other hand, the 5 detainees of Chinese origin will not be able to leave the country and of these, two women must present themselves to sign each week.

Likewise, it determined that the complementary investigation will have 2 months to be able to close and continue with the process.

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CDMX dismantles 4 debt-heavy companies; there are still apps running

During the operation against the montadeudas apps4 companies were dismantled and 12 call centers with more than 900 employees were searched.

In addition, more than 15 thousand telephone chips from which they extorted their "clients" and around 400 computer equipment were seized, which are analyzed as part of the investigations.

Nevertheless, there are still apps operating under the same scheme of montadeudas that, according to the local deputy, Andrea Vicenteño are 311 identified.

For this reason, he replied to the CDMX government's request not to use any loan application that is not linked to a recognized bank.

Likewise, he called on the victims of the montadeudas to report to continue removing these scam and extortion applications from the Mexican market.