New reliable information about Pixel Fold.. the first foldable phone from Google

Talk about Google's first foldable phone, Pixel Fold, returns after a period of silence, but it seems that the project is still in place within the search engine giant and that the date of its arrival has become more clear, in a step to enter into competition with this new type of phone.

Reports stated that the first Google Pixel Fold phone is coming in 2021, but over time the company was late for the date and directions appeared to finish the project, but new information revived the idea of ​​the first foldable phone bearing the Google brand.

According to a report by the New York Times, the Google Pixel Fold project is still in progress, and the company is already working on developing the first foldable phone and wants to compete in this market, according to a confirmation from sources inside the company.

The sources pointed out that the project did not stop and that the delay that occurred and the lack of its launch since the first leaks about it in 2020, was the cause of the confusion, but there will be a foldable phone soon in 2023.

While sources indicated that tensions between the United States and China in recent years, had a negative impact on the introduction of Pixel Fold in earlier times, and that the company continues to work on finding the best solutions to finish the project and launch the phone already soon.

To be clear here, major US companies such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Apple rely heavily on suppliers from China to manufacture their products, but have already begun steps to move their dependence on manufacturing outside of China due to the tensions between the two countries recently.

According to the new report, Google has decided to move the manufacturing process of its upcoming Pixel 7 phones from China to Vietnam, where Samsung, the world's largest smartphone seller, makes about half of its phones already there so it has a strong supply chain as well.

Google also plans to move half of its Pixel phone manufacturing capacity to Vietnam by next year, which would make it easier for it to finish manufacturing a foldable Pixel Fold as well, despite the fact that it's difficult due to the use of advanced hinged screens.

However, regardless of where the Google Pixel Fold will be manufactured, insiders inside the company confirmed that the foldable phone will come in 2023 and that the company has come a long way towards launching and competing in this market dominated by Samsung with the launch of the fourth generation of its phone Foldable Galaxy ZFold 4 and Flip 4.


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