No fixed source of income; More than 15000 expats were deported from Kuwait - 15000 expats who dont have source of income deported despite having valid residence

Kuwait City: About 15,000 expatriates arrested for crimes including not having a proper job or source of income have been deported from Kuwait within the last six months, the authorities said. The security forces have arrested so many people of different nationalities and sent them back to their countries on account of various violations under Section 16 of the Foreigners Act related to expatriates working in the country. A large number of people were subjected to the measures in the context of strengthening the inspections as a part of finding and expelling those staying illegally and illegally in the country. Most of the deportees had no clear job or source of income, officials said.

Inspection of residences of expatriates

The law requires expatriates living in Kuwait to have a clear source of income or assets to live on. If they do not have them, they can be deported from the country without any other legal proceedings, the sixteenth section of the Expatriates Act states. Based on this, inspections and raids were carried out in the residences of expatriates under the leadership of the Kuwait Ministry of Interior. The action is based on the assumption that those who do not have proper sources of income will try to generate it through illegal means.

Most of those arrested are low income earners

Local media quoted security officials as saying that most of those caught in the raids were ordinary workers working for low wages. The police arrested people working illegally in the markets, street vendors, law breakers who came to buy goods in these places, and those who were running the business of Viz. Officials informed that after completing the further process, they were deported in accordance with the law.

The aim is to prevent crime in the country

Al-Rai newspaper quoted the authorities as saying that the purpose of deporting law-breaking expatriates is to prevent crimes and immoral activities in the country. Statistics show that the majority of those deported from Kuwait are from Asian and Arab countries. The move is aimed at expelling illegal residents from the country. If they have residence documents but are involved in law violations, the decision is to deport them. Based on this, those who were working in illegal markets etc. were also deported after completing the process. This will improve the labor market in the country and ensure social security. Illegal residents account for the majority of people arrested for crimes in the country, the Al Rai newspaper reported, quoting the Ministry of Interior.

Action against 20 people for violation of environmental law


Meanwhile, the public authority related to the environment of Kuwait announced that 20 expatriates were deported for violating the environmental law in the country. Nada Al Dubashi, head of the Inspection and Monitoring Department of the Authority, said that the expatriates who were arrested for dumping building debris and dumping sewage in areas not permitted for waste disposal were deported. If the non-residents have carried out these anti-environmental activities with the knowledge of the owners of the establishment, the authorities have informed that after investigation, measures including fines have been taken against them. A native of Kuwait who was found guilty in this way was punished with a huge fine. The authorities have given instructions to bring those caught for such acts to the police station immediately. Out of Kuwait's population of 46 lakh, 34 lakh are expatriates. There is a strong demand in the country to deport those involved in illegal activities. In this situation, the investigation against them has been tightened.