Nuclear: will EDF be able to keep the promise made to the government to reopen the 32 reactors?

On energy issues, does the government blow hot or cold depending on who it is talking to? When he speaks to the consumer, the situation described is very worrying. “It is not a question of promising blood and tears, indicated in particular the Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne in a interview given to our newspaper on August 27, paraphrasing Winston Churchill. But it is important that everyone is aware of the gravity of the moment. »

When it comes to talking to the markets (on the electricity market, the megawatt hour has exceeded 1000 euros last week), perhaps our leaders are tempted to moderate their remarks a little. At the end of the Defense Council dedicated to energy, which was held this Friday morning, Agnès Pannier-Runacher was keen to calm things down a bit. "A first action to be taken is to cool the electricity market", declared the Minister for Energy Transition. Before quoting Xavier Piechaczyk, the boss of RTE, the manager of the electricity network, who “sees a gap between the price of electricity on the markets and the reality of our supply situation”.

"We will be particularly vigilant that this schedule is kept"

It is therefore a question of returning to a little more reason, even if the situation remains “serious”. "As regards electricity, you know that 32 reactors are shut down, some of which for corrosion problems, and others for the usual maintenance, the minister further indicated. But EDF is committed to restarting all the reactors for this winter. And we will be particularly vigilant that this schedule is kept. »

The energy company, operator of the 18 power plants of the French nuclear fleet, effectively confirms its commitment to restart all the reactors by the end of winter. “Last July, we obtained authorization from the ASN (Nuclear Safety Authority) to initiate the process of control and repair, assures a spokesperson. The works follow their course. »

But beware: even if the 32 reactors currently shut down were all restarted, other reactors will in turn be shut down to also undergo maintenance operations or refueling. “But the hardest part of the winter will then be over”, wants to believe this same spokesperson. No doubt he also wants to be reassuring.