Percy Tau continues in Al-Ahly after rejecting offers to leave

Percy Tau, the first team player in Al-Ahly club, refused to leave the ranks of the Red Castle this summer, despite the many offers he received in the past few days.

and learned El-Ahly.comIt was decided that Percy Tau would continue with Al-Ahly Club for the season permanently, according to the desire announced by the South African player to manage the Red Castle.

According to El-Ahly.comThe Tao received 4 offers in the past days, two of them in France and two in South Africa, but all of these offers were rejected by the player.

According to what he found El-Ahly.comPercy Tao notified Al-Ahly officials of his refusal to leave, to prove that it was not a failed deal for the fans of the Red Castle, stressing that he wanted to leave after proving his abilities to the Red Genie officials.

French press reports had confirmed what he was alone El-Ahly.comSeveral days ago, it was reported that Al-Ahly had an official offer from Le Havre to join Percy Tau this summer, but the transfer market was closed in France without completing the deal.

French bid for Percy Tau

It is worth noting that Percy Tau joined Al-Ahly from Brighton last summer, but he suffered from a lack of participation in matches due to the large number of injuries.