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Sony has announced that it will release the premium class smartphone "Xperia 5 IV" in early September 2022. The colors are black, ecru white, and green. The selling price and mobile phone companies that handle it will be announced at a later date.

Xperia 5 IV

Sony's Xperia series consists of three series: the flagship Xperia 1 series, the premium class Xperia 5 series, and the standard class Xperia 10 series.The new product "Xperia 5 IV" is a premium It will be a model positioned as the fourth generation in the class.

Equipped with three expressive Zeiss lenses

The rear camera is equipped with three lenses equivalent to 16mm ultra wide angle, 24mm wide angle, and 60mm telephoto (all focal lengths are equivalent to 35mm format). Sony's stacked CMOS sensor "Exmor RS for mobile" capable of high-speed readout of 120fps is used as the image sensor. Although the number of pixels is modest at about 12 million pixels, it is a camera that has the necessary specifications for video production, such as being able to shoot slow motion up to 5 times at 4K / 120fps.

Xperia 5 IVXperia 5 IV

Both cameras use ZEISS lenses, and have the ability to faithfully depict gradation, color reproduction, transparency, three-dimensional effect, and bokeh. Furthermore, by applying T* (tea star) coating, ghosts and flares are suppressed, realizing clear rendering.

■ High-performance AF that supports "real-time tracking"

In still image shooting, in addition to "real-time eye AF", it is equipped with "real-time tracking" that follows the subject of human paper with higher accuracy. Using the distance information analyzed by AI, it is possible to keep the focus on the specified subject even if the subject suddenly moves or another object crosses the subject. When shooting movies, it supports "Eye AF" and "Object Tracking" to support high-precision video production.

Xperia 5 IVXperia 5 IV
Image of Real-time Eye AF

■ Front camera that can take 4K HDR selfies

Like the rear camera, the front camera uses a stacked CMOS sensor "Exmor RS for mobile" with approximately 12 million effective pixels, which suppresses noise even in dark scenes, and prevents overexposure and blackout even in scenes with backlight or a large difference in brightness. It is possible to shoot 4K HDR which is difficult to do. As a result, both the subject and the background can be left with clear image quality when taking selfies such as Vlogs.

Xperia 5 IVXperia 5 IV
Image taken by the front camera that is clear even in dark scenes

■ Real-time HDR compatible 6.1-inch organic EL display

Equipped with a 6.1-inch organic EL display with an aspect ratio of 21:9. The brightness has improved by about 50% compared to the previous model "Xperia 5 III", making it easier to see even in bright outdoors. In addition, it supports "real-time HDR drive" and improves the visibility of bright and dark areas according to the viewing environment and video content. It is also equipped with "X1 for mobile" for smartphones, which is the high image quality engine of Sony's TV "BRAVIA", so you can watch realistic images.

■ Streaming mode that can be distributed while shooting video

The streaming mode of the video recording function "Videography Pro" enables easy live distribution to YouTube and SNS while recording high-quality images. In addition, this product also has an "external monitor" function, and by connecting it to the α series of mirrorless cameras, it is possible to directly distribute while monitoring higher quality images shot with the α series.

Large-capacity battery that supports long video shooting and streaming

The built-in battery has a large capacity of 5000mAh. About 50% quick charging is possible in as little as 30 minutes, and proprietary charging optimization technology reduces the load on the battery during charging, realizing a long life that does not deteriorate even after 3 years of use. Supports Qi wireless charging. In addition, high-strength and scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass is used on both the front and back of the body. With waterproof (IPX5.8) and dustproof (IP6X) performance, it can be used safely outdoors.

SONY Xperia 5 IV main specifications

Colorblack, ecru white, green
Size (Width x Height x Thickness)About 67×156×8.2mm
weightAbout 172g
battery capacity5000mAh (Built-in)
OS Android 12
storage128/256GB, microSD memory card
displayAbout 6.1 inch organic EL (2520 x 1080, aspect ratio 21:9)
main camera
Equivalent to 16mm (ultra wide angle) Effective approx. 12 million pixels F2.2
Equivalent to 24mm (wide angle) Effective approx. 12 million pixels F1.7
Equivalent to 60mm (telephoto) Effective approx. 12 million pixels F2.4
front camera
Equivalent to 24mm (wide angle) Effective approx. 12 million pixels F2.0