Rising energy prices: tenants at a disadvantage against their landlords

Finally, "the Regions should invest massively in thermal insulation. This is the best way to avoid paying unnecessarily for energy that will be used to heat the air in the street. Lessors could have certain advantages depending on the quality of the energy performance of the buildings," added Jose Garcia.

The solution of negotiation is always the best

For the real estate lawyer Laurent Collon, the best option – if it is possible – is that of negotiation and discussion with the owner. "The most intelligent solution is an owner who agrees to take measures to increase the performance of his property, even if it means offering his tenant a half-cost sharing", emphasizes Laurent Collon. The lawyer adds: "The solution of negotiation is always the best. If people are inclined to do so, it makes solutions easier to find."

In Belgium, 72% of households own their home. However, the trend is reversed in the country's big cities, such as Brussels for example, where the majority (60%) of the inhabitants are tenants.

What if you can't pay your bill?

Owner or tenant, if you are unable to pay your bill, the first thing to do is to turn to your energy supplier to ask for a payment deadline.

It is also possible to seek the assistance of a CPAS or a debt mediation service which will act as an intermediary with the supplier to negotiate the plan. The CPAS can also provide financial assistance to pay the bill via the "Gas Electricity Fund". This assistance, subject to conditions, is also intended for people who are not registered with the CPAS.