RTL Today - At the pump: Sharp drop in fuel prices in Luxembourg

All fuels will cost significantly less at Luxembourg service stations this Saturday morning. Between 6.9 cents and more than 10 cents per litre! As a result, the gap with the prices practiced in France is reduced.

This is a drastic drop in fuel prices which is timely for Luxembourg. And this barely two days after France increased its discount on fuel prices from 18 to 30 centimes, making it clear Lorraine more attractive than Luxembourg. In the end, the price gap from one country to another is already narrowing.

During the night from Friday to Saturday, the price of all fuels fell sharply. The price of SP95 who had already fallen on Wednesday (-2.1 cents), decreases the most: -10.8 cents per litre. This will correspond to a saving of €5.40 on a full 50 litres. SP 95 will now cost 1,608 € the liter. He stays by far the cheapest fuel in Luxembourg.

The SP 98 who fell 1.2 cents a week agoalso drops very sharply: -8.3 cents of decline. So the SP 98 will be posted on Saturday at 1,841 €.

Finally, the liter of diesel who had climbed six times consecutively over the past few weeks, will lose 6.9 cents and will be displayed at 1,826 € the liter. This will represent a saving of €3.45 for a full 50 litres.

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