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Social Center/Reported by Lin Yunxuan

▲A fatal case occurred in a rental suite on Zhonghua Road, Taoyuan City. Su Nan killed 2 men with a gun and fled. (Picture / Flip screen)

In a rental suite on Zhonghua Road, Taoyuan City, a shooting occurred on the evening of the 1st, killing two men surnamed Yang and Chen. The 36-year-old gunman Su, who committed the crime and left, was always calm, and even took He was still talking on the phone before getting on the taxi, and it was suspected that he was "reporting" the results. It is reported that the gunman is nicknamed "Little Mao". Although he spends less time with his wife and children due to his work, he loves his children very much. He is polite and loyal, and has a good reputation on the road. What is the reason why he is willing to leave his wife and children behind to commit crimes? The police are currently searching for Su Nan to the case.

The 27-year-old Chen Nan and the 28-year-old Yang Nan, who were shot and died, were not residents of the community. They were rented by a female tenant to rent the suite for the two of them for a month. Usually, people would come to meet the two of them. On the evening of the 1st, Su Nan arrived in the community wearing black clothes. He didn't see any nervousness. He walked upstairs directly. He loaded the gun first in the process. The irrelevant people left, and Chen Nan and Yang Nan were asked to stay and talk about something. The three were in the same room for nearly 62 minutes. At around 8:30 p.m., Su Nan left with a plastic bag in his hand. Su Nan took a taxi and left.

The rental suite here has a complex population. A retired police officer revealed that he had met Su Nan in the corridor, and the other party thanked him at that time. (Picture / Flip screen

▲The population of the rental suite here is complicated. A retired policeman revealed that he had met Su Nan in the corridor, and the other party thanked him at that time. (Picture / Flip screen

At about 10 o'clock in the evening, the friend who was kicked out returned to the rental suite and found Chen Nan and Yang Nan lying on the bed and lying on the floor. They were obviously dead. At noon, Taoyuan District Prosecutor Liu Weihong led a forensic doctor to the Taoyuan Funeral Home. It was initially found that the fatal injuries were all in the head, and an autopsy is expected next Monday to clarify the cause of death. It is reported that one of the deceased has a criminal record of fraud, and the murderer has a previous criminal record of damage but no gang background. It is suspected that the murder was caused by fraud and the uneven distribution of profits.

According to the "ETtoday News Cloud" report, a retired police officer said that he had arrested Su Nan in the past. The deceased lived in a community of dragons and snakes. Su Nan also lived here in the past. He met Su Nan in the corridor early last month. I specifically thanked the police for helping him buy lunches and cigarettes when he was arrested. A person familiar with the matter revealed that Su Nan and a friend founded a manpower dispatch company and set up an office in Zhonghe in November last year. They separated from his wife due to work, but Facebook would occasionally take photos with his son. The father and son have a good relationship. Knowing his brothers on the road, he is polite, loyal, and popular.