Seven foods to lower cholesterol in a short time

Cholesterol is a fatty substance present in all cells of the body, as defined by Kaiser Permanente, one of the leading organizations that provides medical care and not-for-profit health plans in the United States.

The liver produces all the cholesterol the body needs to form cell membranes and produce certain hormones.. However, it can also be obtained through some foods, which, if eaten in excess, cause health problems.

“If you have too much cholesterol, it starts to build up in your arteries. This is called hardening of the arteries or atherosclerosis. It is the starting point of some heart and blood flow problems”, reports the North American entity.

To lower cholesterol in the blood, it is important to follow medical recommendations, in addition to eating a balanced diet and exercising daily. It is even possible to resort to some foods that, thanks to their compounds, help regulate the levels of this substance.

In fact, the specialized portal Take care Plus listed a series of foods that contribute to this goal. These are:

1. Whole grains: They contain the most fiber, controlling the absorption of fats and satisfying hunger, which allows cholesterol levels to improve. Among these you can find bread, rice or pasta in their whole-grain versions.

2. Legumes: the portal Nutrition and Pharmacy revealed that “legumes such as soybeans, lentils, peas, provide a good level of vegetable protein and fiber, increasing HDL (good cholesterol) and decreasing bad cholesterol (LDL)”

3. Avocado: avocado is rich in oleic acid, which helps control cholesterol levels, in addition to serving as a complementary treatment against possible tumors due to the improvement of the immune system.

4. Nuts: the fats contained in nuts are considered healthy, that is, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. Mayo Clinic assured that these fats “help lower LDL cholesterol levelslower triglycerides, decrease blood clotting and improve the health of blood vessels.

5. Vegetable: green leafy vegetables are good for lowering bad cholesterol. Among them are spinach, which favor the expulsion of this substance through the stool. Another vegetable that can help is broccoli.

The specialized portal Infosalus also explained that there are two other foods that can help lower cholesterol levels in the blood and to prevent problems in the cardiovascular system:

6. Avena: the health and beauty portal Gastrolab assured that this food provides antioxidants and beta-glucans, which they can help fight cellular oxidation, regulate blood pressure and fight inflammation, which means that It reduces cholesterol levels, triglycerides and also contributes to reducing plaque in the arteries.

7. Olive oil: the website Family Cholesterol highlights that the benefits of olive oil are due to the effect of its characteristic fat, “the monounsaturated type, on cholesterol fractions. Indeed, a diet based on olive oil, such as the Mediterranean diet, keeps the levels of good cholesterol (HDL) high and the harmful fraction (LDL) low”.

Notably before adding any of the products mentioned to the daily diet, a specialist should be consulted to analyze the situation of each patient and determine whether or not it is possible to eat the food regularly.