The best mobile controller from Razer comes to the iPhone - Yalla Match


Razer Kishi V2 has become one of the best tools that you can buy for your Android smartphone if you want to play games. Now that Kishi V2 is on Apple phones, iPhone owners who want to join in the fun can join.

The original Razer Kishi follow-up has finally arrived on iOS devices. It's iOS compatible and of course has a Lightning port instead of a USB-C connector, unless the long-rumored iPhone switches to USB-C, that should be fine. Other than that, it is identical in design to the Android version. With two parts attached to the left and right side of the device, it creates a Nintendo Switch-like design. The console has two joysticks, a D-pad, traditional A, B, X, Y buttons, as well as shoulder buttons and triggers.


However, just like the Android compatible console, this console has the same drawbacks. There is no 3.5mm headphone jack and some find the buttons annoying. But if you want an iOS-compatible portable console, the competition Backbone One looks better in many ways, and is probably one of the best consoles on the market. It feels better in your hand, the buttons feel better, and it even has a headphone jack.

If you want to check, you need an iPhone with at least iOS 15.4. That means it's compatible with all iPhones, from the original SE to last year's 13 lineup. If you want one, it's $100 and available on the Razer website.

Source: The Verge