The Canadian situation in 6 questions

Kent Hughes provided an update on the status of his star goalkeeper on Thursday, as well as announcing the acquisition of Sean Monahan. But several questions remain. explanations.

The Canadian exceeds the salary cap: is this normal?

Yes. By getting immediate confirmation that Carey Price will not play at the start of the season, and likely never in 2022-23, the Habs can take advantage of the fact that their goalie will be placed on the LBLT. . Under this process, the team will benefit from relief that will allow it to exceed the salary cap, established at 82.5 million, for a value less than or equal to Price's salary: 10.5 million. In fact, the closer a team's payroll is to the cap, the greater the relief. Following this logic, Sean Monahan's salary ($6.375 million) is timely.

Will we be looking for a replacement for Carey Price?


jake allen

No. Not right away anyway. Kent Hughes was very affirmative on this point: it is Jake Allen, Samuel Montembeaut and Cayden Primeau, although the latter is not yet under contract, who will compete for the two available positions in front of the CH network in training camp. Unless one of the two forwards is injured, or he has an amazing camp himself, Primeau's chances of starting the season in Montreal are slim, as he can still be traded to Laval Rocket in the American League without going through the exemptions.

What are the conditions attached to the first-round pick acquired from the Flames?

Thursday's trade, in its official wording, reads: "The Canadians acquired forward Sean Monahan and a conditional 2025 first-round pick in exchange for future considerations. Don't hold your breath, you'll never see the color of these "future considerations." As for the conditional election, it required a 687-word explanation in the press release published by the CH. The fact that the Flames don't have their own 2025 first-round pick, but the Florida Panthers, and that pick is already subject to other conditions, complicates the situation infinitely. This is why we spare our readers the enumeration of possible scenarios. However, the details are available here:

Do all the players in the squad have a contract?


kirby carrera

No. Agents for Primeau and newcomer Kirby Dach are still in negotiations with the Canadian's management. Kent Hughes said that he was "optimistic" to reach an agreement with the two before training camp; in his long career as an agent, he has always completed his clients' files before the fall, he pointed out. The Director General also stated that he was exploring "different paths" in these negotiations. Without going too far, we can speculate here that these “avenues” relate to the number of years provided for in the contracts in question.

Should we expect other transactions for October?

Maybe, maybe not. Hughes did not close any doors. What we do know, however, is that an excess of attackers is already evident. Currently, 16 centers and wingers have guaranteed NHL contracts or are virtually guaranteed to start the season in Montreal: Cole Caufield and Juraj Slafkovsky are in that second category. If Sean Monahan is employed at center, Kirby Dach or Jake Evans will have to be moved to the wings. Regardless, that means 12 wingers will battle it out for 8 places before the opening game on October 12. We can probably cross Paul Byron's name off the lot as his rehab doesn't look encouraging, but the fact is that the young forwards hoping to make the jump to the NHL this season will have to be perfect in camp as the available positions are practically non-existent.

Should we expect other changes a year from now?


Christian Dvorak

Absolutely. Under Monahan, the Canadiens now have four forwards who will become unrestricted free agents in July 2023, the others being Jonathan Drouin, Evgenii Dadonov and Paul Byron. Goalkeeper Jake Allen will also be free as the air at the end of next season. With the exception of Byron, all of them could be traded before the trade deadline. Other regular players in the lineup - Josh Anderson, Christian Dvorak, Joel Edmundson... - could also spark interest elsewhere. Vacations have been short, if not nonexistent, for Kent Hughes since he took office nearly seven months ago. "I learned a long time ago that vacations can be cut short," he said with a laugh Thursday night. Obviously, he won't get much rest next year.