The Kirchstrasse in Lauenen is being renovated

As the municipality of Lauenen informs, the Kirchstrasse has to be renovated due to the almost 30 years since the last repairs. The credit has been approved.

Road signs indicate a construction site. (icon image) - Keystone


On May 20, 2022, the municipal assembly approved a loan of CHF 210,000 for the renovation of Kirchstrasse (the section from the Room of Life carpentry shop to the Bodenbrücke). Due to the last refurbishment almost 30 years ago, a refurbishment was necessary in order to preserve the structure and value.

The work could start at the beginning of August 2022. Due to the submission carried out in the invitation procedure, the construction work was awarded to the company Addor AG, Gstaad. The Weissen engineering office was commissioned with project planning and construction management.

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