The latest from Alexa #105

Alexa continues to learn every day, discover its new features

Today, like every Saturday, we offer you the latest news from Alexa, the now famous Amazon Connected Assistant. To find all our tests, it is by here it happens. Recently, the American firm has also launched Echo Show 15 which we told you about in more detail just here. Also find the complete test of the headphones Amazon Echo Buds. Even more recently, we offered you the Echo Studio review ! Now on to new arrivals #105.

The new series "The Rings of Power" is available from today on Amazon Prime. On this occasion, Alexa has prepared a little surprise for you...
Just ask: "Alexa, tell me something about The Rings of Power‌ ‌"


"Alexa, what's the game of the week?‌ ‌"
Don't be bored! Have fun playing a different game every week with Alexa, just ask.

“Alexa, start English translation‌ ‌”
Instant translation, do you like it? Alexa can translate multiple languages ​​such as English, Spanish or Italian live!

"Alexa, put on Rings of Power‌ ‌"
If you have an Amazon Prime account, you can enjoy the new series “ Rings of Power directly from your Echo Show device with Alexa.


« Alexa, encore 5 minutes‌ ‌»
Need 5 more minutes? No problem, just ask Alexa to add time to the alarm or timer.

“Alexa, play the Revelations playlist on Amazon Music‌ ‌”
"Alexa, what is the color of Henri IV's White Horse?‌ ‌"
« Alexa, volume 3‌ ‌»
"Alexa, what's the weather forecast for the weekend in Paris?‌ ‌"
"Alexa, tap tap tap‌ ‌"
"Alexa, who is your lover?‌ ‌"
"Alexa, how do you say 'fish' in Spanish?‌ ‌"
"Alexa, launch what's the news from Europe 1‌ ‌"
“Alexa, play Fire Sounds‌ ‌”
"Alexa, turn on the light‌ ‌"
Discover the world of connected devices and control your lighting, heating, security systems and more using your voice.

"Alexa, what are the personal information settings?‌ ‌"
Let you know how long your voice recordings are kept and whether or not they can be used to help improve Alexa.

"Alexa, add butter to my shopping list‌ ‌"
"Alexa, delete everything I said today‌ ‌"
Have you ever wondered if Alexa is always listening to you? Find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions in this guide to Alexa and your personal information.

"Alexa, show me my photos‌ ‌"
Relive your favorite memories. Use Amazon Photos to see your photos on your Echo Show and Fire TV. Unlimited full-resolution photo storage is included with Prime.

"Alexa, send a message‌ ‌"
Send text or voice messages to your contacts who have a compatible Echo device or the Alexa app.