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Confluence News reporter Chen Junkai/Taipei report

BA.5 has already caused a new wave of vaccines in Taiwan. The command center also estimates that the peak may be reached in mid-to-late September. The number of confirmed cases in a single day may reach 60,000. The outside world has begun to pay attention to the progress of Taiwan’s procurement of next-generation vaccines. The Food and Drug Administration The EUA review meeting of Modena’s next-generation vaccine will be held at 3 pm today (2), and Wang Bisheng, commander of the Central Epidemic Command Center, pointed out earlier that once the EUA is passed, experts will be invited next Monday (5th). Once the target and schedule are decided, the command center will also decide the purchase quantity accordingly.

The command center and Modena currently have a procurement contract for 10 million doses of vaccines. Wang Bisheng has previously stated that Taiwan will use this quota to purchase next-generation vaccines and strive to deliver them by the end of September.

Wang Bisheng said that the Food and Drug Administration will hold an EUA review meeting for next-generation vaccines in the afternoon, and will announce the results as soon as they are approved. In the group meeting of the Advisory Committee's Preventive Vaccination Group (ACIP), experts were asked to tell us how to fight, including the open groups, how long the interval should be, and even how long should other people who have been vaccinated with four doses and those who were diagnosed should take the interval between the fights, all for the committee to discuss Decide.

Wang Bisheng said that the details and objects of the relevant vaccinations need to be discussed and decided by the committee members. After that, the command center can decide how much to purchase. As soon as there is information, the other party will be asked to arrange the delivery of the vaccine. Can be opened.

Facing the media asking whether the next-generation vaccine is open to the whole population? Wang Bisheng reiterated that this is the reason for opening ACIP, and let experts decide what age group to start from based on the clinical trial data and what procedures are currently in place in China. discuss.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Command Center

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