The unfortunate gesture of Ariel Rodríguez Palacios that made Matías Martin uncomfortable: "I don't like him"

Days ago Matthias Martin He was blunt in expressing publicly that he does not like him at all Ariel Rodriguez Palacios. Consulted by the bad wave, the journalist presented his arguments. However, the chef pretended not to know.

It all started when in the air Everything happens (Urbana Play), one of the columnists referred to the “hyperactive chef Ariel Rodriguez Palacios... do you know him?". With his gesture, the driver did not hide his displeasure: "I do not like her. I'm going to be mild, I don't like her”, he finished.

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He then commented: “He was a guest, nothing happened. He was one more guest, one less guest. The attitude towards life, inexplicable. They told me who he was, because I didn't know him and with that attitude... Someone that you row, you throw a good one. It's weird, it's weird."

After the statements, the mobile of LAM (America) went to look for the protagonists to learn the background of the most unexpected controversy.

The word of Matías Martin about his differences with Ariel Rodríguez Palacios

In dialogue with the mobile LAMthe journalist spoke of the episode that they lived on the air and contextualized: "It is a section that Maia does and that there were many family moments of all kinds on the air."

Asked if he seemed aggressive, he replied: “I found it awkward. No, each one knows how to get along and how to handle their links and I don't have anything to put in but it was super uncomfortable. It was uncomfortable for me."

What Ariel Rodríguez Palacios said after Matías Martin's statements

After Matías Martín's statements on the air of his radio cycle, the LAM mobilero went to look for the chef who pretended to be surprised. “Ah, really? How strange because I like him barbarian, he is a macanudo. No, I don't think it was," he said far from the controversy.

However, when the journalist wanted to delve into the controversy, Rodríguez Palacios apologized, said that he had to go to teach and left.

"I didn't even know who he was": Ariel Rodríguez Palacios refused to cook on Ricardo Montaner's birthday

Last week the news broke that Ariel Rodriguez Palacios had made a rude to Ricardo Montaner. Is that the musician contacted him to ask him to cook for his birthday and the chef rejected the proposal.

to the air of LAM (America), Fernanda Iglesias said that the cook of Ariel in her sauce (phone) would have told him “I do not do that". And he added: “I didn't even know who Montaner was. He doesn't know anyone from the show business, lives in his world, is a millionaire and has a cooking school”.

By way of closing, he clarified that it was not an exchange, since the jury of The Argentine Voice (phone) told him that he was going to pay him. Anyway, they didn't get to talk about numbers because the cook did not accept.